I had this all done Sat. nite and 1/2 of it was deleted, DAMMIT! SO I wrote down again to the best of my ability the rest of my original post.

OK, first, is anybody out there?? It seems like everybody is gone. I know Leo is in the UK but Swati is M.I.A. I text Leah and no response. WTF?? I’m so ronreee, oh so ronreee!!! (from Team America, the Korean dictator dude’s song) Anyhoo……

Martin did a meditation with myself, Chrissy and Wes. Our goal was to maybe have an OBE & meet up with our Higher Selves and connect with Andrew & Chrissy’s dad Uncle Christy.

We each had very different experiences which was very cool. I think Martin was the only one who had an OBE but sure, that’s his natural state! :-D Mine was more profound than I originally thought.

I did see Andrew and we hung out together. We walked the grounds of the castle. We walked with his arm around me like he always did when we went for our walks during the winter. I gave him a great big hug. That was amazing. We also went inside the castle and things kinda came in a flash and when I was describing it to “the class” (Martin, Chrissy and Wes) I was receiving even more information about what I saw.

In a room I saw a crystal stand with a huge dome on it and inside the dome was the planet Earth. When you touch a part of the dome you get that part of Earth that comes up. I saw parts of Africa that is having hardships and I began to understand why we decide to come back. When you see the suffering like this you want to come here and make changes & make a difference with the knowledge you have OR for Souls looking for growth on the fast track, Earth is the place to be. You see the growth that can be had as well as the difference you can make.

As I was explaining what I saw, more information was coming in, it was pretty cool. I realized that this was in “The Hall Of Journeys” part of my castle. This is where you go when you are deciding on your next journey. Each room has a different realm that you can go and check out to see if this is where you need to go to experience the things your Soul needs to evolve.

You have your Counsel that you go over all of this with first, then you go to the “Hall Of Journeys” to finalize your next Soul Contract. In the Hall Of Journeys there is a room for each realm that you can check out. There are many realms/dimensions to choose from. It’s kinda like a paranormal travel agency of sort! LOL

Now, not all Souls come to my castle, just those part of my Soul family and tribe. But that doesn’t mean that people I knew here on Earth but weren’t Soul family don’t stop by and visit. For instance, during the meditation yesterday Martin’s Dad showed up and they both were looking through a kind of window at our different meditation experiences. Kinda like a astral peep show! LOL

It was interesting the info Martin’s Dad had. Even though he had a lot to learn when he crossed, he said it has been a phenomenal journey of learning. I need to have Martin write that down since it was his experience with his father. I don’t want to give 2nd hand info.

I was blown away by the information I got! I was in awe of it and really surprised just how profound my castle is! This is BIGGER than I ever thought! So many things are making sense from my past and things people would say to me. I am still taking it all in. This is a lot to take in for my wee human mind. There are things that were shown to me I can’t even put words to. It stirred a deep and profound knowing within me!

Amazing the incredible things that open up to you when you can move through and heal the grief! We’re doing another one on Monday! Woooo Hoooooo!!


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9 Responses to WOW! WHAT A GREAT JOURNEY (con’t)

  1. Dana says:

    Hey! I so need to fly down there and see you guys and do coolio meditations like that! It doesn’t work so well over the phone (as Swati will attest!) I can be difficult to ‘go under’ (despite my desire).

    I wanna hear more Connie! I especially am intrigued by what I and my counsel cooked up before my re-entry here!

    PS…did you get the email I sent to you about the church over by detroit? If not, I need your correct email addy! It’s worth a shot at least non?

  2. Tammy says:

    That sounds AWESOME!!!! When you see him again, can you please hug him for the kids & I?
    Love you

  3. Karen T. says:

    This is awesome Connie! I had my first experience with a succesful meditation at Rev Duffy’s service this morning. It was my first time to a metaphysical church and I saw and heard things during the meditation and an earlier Reiki healing I had done. I can’t wait to get as succesful as what you are describing here. I am so happy to read of these things happening for you now. You’ve come a long way Baby!!!

  4. admin says:

    Dana meet me in the forum for my e-mail. I don’t think I received that e-mail OR I sent an e-mail already and because I’ve sent so many I don’t remember if I sent them one. Hey, I did contact a place called Crazy Wisdom in Ann Arbor I believe, I’m waiting to hear back. Fla would be a long way to fly for a meditation……but well worth it! :-D

    I’ll give him a hug today for ya Tammy.

    How wonderful Karen! Rev Duffy is such a lovely woman. Did you get to meet her at our last show? I will tell you in person why I haven’t been able to go to her service.

  5. Leah Clark says:

    Connie… WTF indeed! We texted for an hour yesterday! :-P

  6. Joanie Light says:

    Just checking in also. What a cool meditation! I’d fly down there for some of that, too. We’re getting our house ready to sell so I’m a$$ deep in decluttering and other such boring stuff. Doing lots of lurking, not much posting. Sending hugs and love! Joanie

  7. admin says:

    Ummmm when I posted that Missy L, there had been NO contact with anyone here and I texted you the day BEFORE you answered me. I text you SaturDAY and you answered me Sunday. I wrote this on Sat nite. SO there! Ha! :-D

    SO did ya buy the house on Bliss Lane Joanie?? Didn’t ya just move not that long ago? Feels like it ya just left So-Cal.

  8. Leila says:

    I’m so glad I took the time to catch up here!!! ;-)
    This is amazing and makes so much sense to me.

    I just started reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s book on progression therapy. I’ve only read the preface so far. In the preface he talks about a man who went a millennium ahead (I won’t give any more away ;-) But he does mention Africa and the Middle East.
    According to Dr. Weiss (and others ;-) the past, present and future are all one and that what happens in the future can influence the present just like the past does.
    Annnyyyhow this all ties in together for me! :-)

    Love & hugs

    PS I sent you an email ;-)

  9. Dana says:

    Oooo….Leila! I want to read that book! I loved the ‘Infinite Love & Gratitude’ book!

    Connie, Let me get you that addy again (tonite as I have to go to class now)

    And where’s the other half of this story…hmmmm???? :-P

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