1. Joanie Light says:

    It is stunning. Swati, I have never seen your jewelry before. It is beautiful. I feel some shopping coming on.

  2. Swati says:

    Dear Pretty Mama of a very “pretty” soul,

    It was an honor to make this for you with Andrew. I cannot really describe in words the love that I feel from you for your son, your baby. So I tried to do it through jewelry…with Andrew’s help. There is another one he wants me to make for you, and I will gladly do it. He had told me about that one long back. But I am still trying to work out the design…he has given me his thought and emotion for it. I need to make it happen. If I can’t think of a design, I’ll ask him to show me again…like this one. LOL!

    Thank you Joanie for your words of appreciation :-D. It is always LOVELY to hear great stuff about one’s work. :-D Woooohooo!!! :-D


  3. Dana says:

    Ooooo…isn’t it BEAUTIFUL! It’s going to look so gorgeous on you Connie!
    Beautiful Swati – what a loving and thoughtful and amazing thing for you to do for your friend!

    [[[[[ GROUP HUG! ]]]]]

  4. Pretty Mama says:

    I’ll join that (((((((group hug)))))))

  5. Leila says:


    The pendant is beautiful! It took my breath away! You really channeled a *pure heart*. What a lovely special gift of love and beauty. When I read what you wrote it made me cry. Swati your work is amazing!!! Just like you! :-)

    Connie, it will look so beautiful on you and the energy will bring you much strength and comfort. Enjoy! (And we want pictures of your wearing it :-) )

    Love and abundant blessings,


  6. Karen T. says:

    That is gorgeous! Awesome work Swati and Andrew…and yes, Connie will look lovely in it. I agree, pictures please.

  7. Tammy says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL!! What a gift….

  8. Leah Clark says:

    I got to see it before any of you!!!! nyah, nyah, nyah… I think the gold looks like it’s cradling the emerald. Swati, love – you are SO talented and SO connected. Like I told you when I saw it, it’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. admin says:

    What??? You saw it before anybody?? Are secret alliances being formed on this blog now!!?? LOL LOL

    When do I get it huh? huh? huh??? I want it nowwwwwww!!! baaaawaaaaaa

  10. Swati says:

    LOL!! Yeah…Leah, Dana & Dumari are my guinea pigs for testing reactions to new pieces. I am mailing it tomorrow alon with Leah’s jewelry set :-D.

  11. kimberley says:

    Swati, What an Amazing gift of Love ! So beautiful & powerful.
    Connie, you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend!!!

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