While I had a great & powerful meditation on Saturday that Martin did for me and Carole, from the Irish Rover, this story below kicks some serious bootay! Leah has done it again!

Leah’s story:

I’ve been thinking all day about trying for another OBE. Well, it was more like an idea that wouldn’t let me alone! LOL So I got in the tub again, had the music going, felt myself relax and slide out and upward.

I didn’t even have a thought about where to go, but I found myself heading south again. I realized I was once again headed toward your house – following the Interstate, etc. I heard Andrew laugh and say, “You don’t have to use the Interstate when you’re in spirit state! Come on, hurry up and get over here!” Old habits die hard, though. But I did make one giant leap from I-275 to your house and landed in your front yard. My heart felt that pull again. It was heavy and hummed with energy. I thought I’d be directed inside, but instead fell to my knees in the grass. I was told to dig in the dirt with my hands. I did, and scooped up some earth. (so that’s what Merlin was barking at :-) ) I was instructed to “put your essence into the earth”. So I concentrated and put myself inside the earth in my hands. Then I was told to put it back and cover it back over with grass.

When I stood up, Andrew’s stag was standing in front of me. It came closer until the tip of one horn was pressed against my heart. Then half the horn disappeared inside my chest! My heart grew heavier and heavier, fuller and fuller – then I realized that my heart was glowing, and the glow spread throughout my body. I don’t even know if I can describe this next part… my entire body “exploded”, and I shot up into the sky. I found the “web” that Greg Braden describes, that permeates everything. It was surrounding the Earth. I pushed through the web and found a single strand. I followed that strand to the ends of the Universe, feeling my body expand outward, outward, outward until I was once again touching foreheads with All-That-Is. So incredible – so vast – so much love. Don’t know how long I was gone, but I came peacefully back to my body.

I feel like the stag is yours and Martin’s and Andrew’s, so I was surprised to have interaction with it. But I’m so peaceful right now – I feel stronger spiritually and psychically/intuitively than I ever have before. I feel certain that your house – your home – holds such power, and I keep wanting to call it a “vortex”. When I picture it right now, in my mind’s eye, there is a nimbus of light surrounding it – and the brightest light comes from Andrew’s window.

WOW! Huh?? How freakin cool is that?? What else can I say? Except for maybe, thanks for not leaving a hole in my yard! LOL

Vortex is a good word for our house. I know a Chicago friend of mine said back in 2001 that there was a vortex in our hallway. She was seeing all kinds of Spirits coming and going. It’s probably bigger than just the hallway now. What are we? A halfway house for Spirits?? LOL Keeps things interesting that’s fo sho!


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3 Responses to WOW! TALK ABOUT A FAB OBE!

  1. Dana says:

    Very coolio story Leah! Ahhh…one of these days I may have some luck with an OBE.

  2. Swati says:

    Wooohooo!! Leah does it again! Leah…you are hereby announced the crowned “Queen of OBE” :-D. Are you ever going to visit me? Or shall I go look for Cecilia?

    Share your powerful experience with us Connie….

  3. Karen T. says:

    How awesome to be reading this about you my wonderful friend! I have no clue as the hows of OBE and what you describe makes me uneasy when thinking of such things for me. But I went in for a Reiki healing at the spiritual awareness center last Sunday and I did feel myself turn into energy near the end…kind of like a vibrating mass not reallt touching the chair or floor. Was wondering if that is what OBE might be like? It was cool, but still a bit uneasy for me. How cool for you though to be feeling so divine after!! Woohoo!

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