WARNING! Whine fest first then the Muck story. Thought I should warn you. It’s the right thing to do. ;-)

After coming home from a grueling day at the renaissance fair on Sunday, Andrew was a busy guy!

I’m just not up for 7 weeks of the ren fair, so this weekend was my last. It was too much for me to deal with at this time. Besides my hair looking like Monica’s on Friends when they went to the Caribbean, no exaggeration! It was insane how big and nasty my hair got. It was like having a big wad of pulled apart & teased cotton on my head! Ewwwwwwww! It was also the long grueling hours in the heat and the neck and back pain of standing a lot & walking around in big ass fairy wings!

Martin and I are wiped out! Yes, Martin was with me Sunday. He ran the turtle house & puppets. It was fun bantering back and forth but it was just too grueling. Plus I realized I’m not focused enough yet to take on something new for somebody else. I’m just not ready. I’m still cocooning and healing.

I had down, teary moments back stage when I was de-winged & de-crowned, taking a break. I was waaaay out of my comfort zone! Normally I’m not the kind of person to go up and start bantering with strangers to get them to watch me, I know hard to believe, but I’m not. I’m more comfortable when they buy a ticket, that way I KNOW they want to see me! So I am certainly not in the right frame of mind to step out of my comfort zone now. It was overwhelming for me.

I could handle doing my own show because it’s mine and NOT a 14 hour day in the heat! But to try and do something totally new, out of my comfort zone for 14 hrs.?? Yea, now is not the time to try it. If Martin and I could’ve done it together the whole time, we would’ve rocked it big time! I know if I was at a loss of words, I know, hard to believe, Martin would say something funny to say and save my ass. He is great at improv! But there just isn’t enough money it for us to put up with everything else. Altho I did make a kick ass Fairy Queen! :-D I looked awesome!

Ok, enough of the whinging & baaaa waaaaa-ing & on to Andrew. We finally got home after the hour drive home, did I mention it was also an hour each way?? Ooops, sorry, back to Andrew. Denise and I decided to go to Long Horns for dinner to see Elatia who I hadn’t seen in over a month & because I hadn’t eaten since 6:30a.m. I just couldn’t eat at the fair, geez I can’t stop whining! Anyhoo, while we were gone, Martin had some “interesting” things happen.

When Denise and I get back, Martin first starts off with the fact that Merlin talked to him. I didn’t think it was weird because Martin talks to bugs, right? SO why not the dog? LOL But this was freaking Martin out because he heard Merlin’s voice out loud and his “lips” were moving when Merlin said; “Where’s the Mommy?” ROFLMAO Obviously Martin was in the sun too long as well! But there’s more….

Also while we were gone, and Merlin was talking out loud, Martin was in the living room watching Dr. Who when he hears the tv go on in Andrew’s room. Sho enuf it was on. But no fairy light in the bathroom on. I went in Andrew’s room briefly to see the tv on from the side view.

Later after Denise went home I went into Andrew’s room to see what was on and I noticed something odd. When we came home from Minnesota on Tuesday, I straightened out his comforter from Elatia laying in his bed when we were gone. But now it looked like someone had been lying in the bed! NO ONE has been on his bed! AND not only was one of his fav shows on, Family Guy, but his fav episode when Stuie likes being disciplined by Lois. Muck’s favorite scene? When Stuie throws himself on the ground, spreads his legs and begs Lois to step on his cubes!! LMAO! I know!!! Mr. Avatar, Little Buddha, and that’s one of his fav shows and scenes! In fact, as I was typing this, Martin starts laughing because Andrew shows him that scene. Martin didn’t know what I was typing about.

When I came back today from getting my hair shampooed and blow dried from scary cotton, finger in light socket head to smooth and nice curls head, Muck turned on the fairy light.

Muck is working over time to make sure I know he is very much here with me. I deeply appreciate it but it’s not the same. BUT I am soooo happy he is doing it! He’s a good child!


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7 Responses to WOW! IMPRESSIVE!

  1. Karen T. says:

    Again…you are sooo blessed!!

  2. Denise says:

    You were a kick Ass FAIRY QUEEN GOD MOTHER!!!! :D cotton candy hair and all Love ya!!! I’m gonna miss you being there!!! and I didn’t get to see you and martin preform BAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAA I want an encore!!!!! Hmmmm I know you (evil laugh) oh better not you’ll turn me into a toed

  3. Dana says:

    14 hr days?!?!? Wow! Our Ren fair opened at 10AM and was over at 6PM with the awesomest drumming circle where every one dances! It’s hotter than Hades in the summer time – I know what you are talking about! The hotter it gets – the less clothing I wear (those little turkish halter tops are awesome as well as billowing gypsy skirts – really lets the breezes flow! ;)) Ehem!

    Tis coolio that you are receiving so many signs from Andrew (and you recognize them for what they are!) Methinks more folks would get such signs from their DLO’s if only they didn’t brush them off as ‘coincidence’ or wishful thinking – y’know?

  4. kimberley says:

    Connie your so funny, thanks for the laugh(enjoyed your whine fest) and the talking dog.Hmm, wonder what my doxie is thinking about when she stick’s her tongue in my mouth. Which wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t eat the chocolate treats out of the kitty litter box.
    LMAO, with the visual of Stuie!!! That’s a great show.
    Andrew, is taking good care of his “Pretty Mama”

  5. Pretty Mama says:

    Yea Karen we are. I can’t imagine going through this as a muggle! It would have killed me! I feel blessed to know what we do and Andrew being who he is.

    Your post is so good you had to say it twice Denise?? LOL OH! And you think I can’t delete the extra post??? Who do you think runs this blog??? ME! And I believe I will toad you NOT toed you, then I’d be turning you into a toe! LMAO! Hmmmm may be a good idea! BTW maybe that’s why your spells don’t work, you should be casting spells….not misspells!!! Really ROFLMAO NOW!!

    The ren fairs are from 10-6 Dana but you have to be there at least an hour a head of time, I’m there 1 1/2 hr ahead, you have to wait till EVERYONE has left the fair before you can get out of costume, I’m on the “piss off” line. LOL Break down stuff which can take some time then an hour drive home! It’s too much for only $60!!!

    I KNOW people get loads of signs from DLO’s that go unnoticed. Pity really.

    Oh yes Kimberly, Merlin would eat tortoise chocolate until we got her a pen outside the patio. Ewwwwwwwww

    Andrew did embrace all sides of himself that’s for sure! His Avatar side as well as his teenage boy side. I can’t believe I’m going to miss me driving Andrew to Cory and CJ’s because he ALWAYS had some disgusting bodily function boy story to tell me ALL the way there! I would gag a little on the way there each time! LOL

  6. Swati says:

    Wow! I loved these “signs” Andrew gave. Although…I don’t really feel like saying “signs”, becaue all that happened in his room, was hardly a “sign”! A sign is something that sounds more like a representation of the actual thing. Here he was REALLY there! Lying on his bed, watching his favorite TV show!! He really is doing so much to show you how real he is. He really IS a good child! Avery good child to his pretty mama.

  7. kimberley says:

    Well, that being said about bodily boy function stories
    I’m pretty sure , I’ve selected the tree to plant for Andrew, it’s a Hydrangea Paniculata Grandiflora, “Pee Gee” (it’s not a shrub). It will grow 10-15ft tall and I love that it flowers from July-Sept. The flowers are white, which make me think of Pure Heart and they turn pink in the fall.I will check with my local nursery and if they don’t have it, I”ll have them order it.

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