Wizard’s Window Rises Again

When Andrew was in hospital he was hell bent on starting Wizard’s Window up again. Actually not long before he was diagnosed he was taking pictures of our Wizard’s Window merchandise for one of his Myspace pages, “Peace Of Heaven.” He wanted to keep Wizard’s Window going. He loved our store.

He even wanted me to make a sign for his hospital room door that said, “Wizard’s Window, Open for Business!” He was wanting me to go home and bring him his wand making supplies to make more wands and wrap crystals while he was battling leukemia. He wanted to make the most of his “down” time. Bless his heart.

He actually sold $45 worth of Wizard’s Window merchandise while in hospital to one of the nurses who adored him. Unfortunately we were never able to fill her order with all the trauma we had going on.

Andrew’s dream was to actually have a space as big as Books A Million. We talked about that in hospital. We talked about having the “The Witch’s Brew Cafe” where people could order tea, coffee and snacks while reading a book. Then have “Merlin’s Closet” for all the crystals. Andrew talked about having musicians come and play at the Witch’s Brew, have authors come in and do readings from their books, hold workshops and more! He was so excited about it and I could picture it all as we talked.

I told him after he passed that we were still willing to make that happen, BUT we needed his help! Anytime I see an empty store bay in a plaza, I think about Wizard’s Window.

Well I guess Andrew has really nudged Martin because Martin has been a picture taking fool and putting all our merchandise up on our website. He’s been like a mad man on a serious mission. And because of that, It’s official, Wizard’s Window is open for business again!

Martin told me that Andrew told him that his office will now be the new Wizard’s Window store for now, which would explain why Martin wanted to move his computer into the living room. He said he wanted to be closer to me so we could work on things together. But I think it’s also because Andrew had plans for Wizard’s Window in the office now.

Where can you find our new/old  Wizard’s Window inventory I hear you ask? At the link below. We still have the original Wizard’s Window logo too! Martin recently came across it, coincidence? I think NOT!

It means the world to Martin and I to be doing this with Andrew again! Andrew loved our store so much, as did we. We all have  missed it. Andrew is really guiding and motivating Martin. Martin has been obsessed with it right now, so much so he isn’t even napping as much! And anyone who knows him, knows how much he values his nap time! Especially now with healing cancer, but he’s so excited about the work and pulling it together, he doesn’t want to stop!

So go check us out, our store is still evolving, more inventory is being added all the time now! Oh yeah, and don’t be shy! Feel free to share the store! You’ll be helping us to help make our son’s dream come true, making Wizard’s Window a major force in the metaphysical world!


Wizard’s Window Rises Again!

Our new banner with our old Wizard logo

Our new banner with our old Wizard logo

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