Martin & Daniel went out onto the patio late last night, early this morning, around 1a.m. Martin said it was cool out and I had to check for myself because I was like “cha right!” Merlin made a bolt for it too. Not even Martin’s Croc Dundee ox trick worked in stopping him. LOL Yes, he really did try.

Merlin immediately ran out and started barking like crazy like he was hunting squirrel…..or elf ;-) I told Martin to grab him quick so he could get Merlin inside. We couldn’t have that kind of barking at 1a.m. I thought it was odd since there weren’t any squirrels out. I went inside because I, “Menopause Woman”  did NOT find it cooler at all, it was muggy. I left Daniel and Martin to their own devices. Two males left on their own outside at 1a.m. You know something’s gonna happen! Especially when one of them sees beyond the 3rd dimension & the other is working on fine tuning his 3rd eye! Remember what happened when it was Martin and Andrew left to their own devices in hospital?? :-o Well, at least this is higher dimensional debauchery! :-D

Martin noticed that the frogs had stopped croaking. Very weird since it’s a frog orgy here every night! Well, with a broken pool pump, it’s bound to happen. The new batch of tadpoles were eating by the the last batch that’s almost grown. That ain’t right! Since we haven’t been able to get our pool pumped fixed, least of our concerns at the mo, I have enjoyed watching the frogs grow & leave the “nest.”

Anyhoo Martin was pulled to walk over to another part of the screened in patio. He knew there was strong energy in that corner. As he’s standing there tuning into it, he feels a tap on his shoulder. He felt another presence and that’s when he felt a shaking of his shoulder like an old friend would do when you haven’t seen them in a long time. The frogs started again. Daniel was talking, he got the hit that the frogs wanted him to be quiet so he stopped talking, the frogs got quiet again. I have blogged before how the frogs let us know what they want.

Martin then says, for Daniel’s benefit because he is so easy ;-) “Spirits of the Night, show yourself!” He got the impression of 2 Elves, Lord of The Rings kind of Elves, not the short, faery tale ones, you know, the tall, REAL ones. ;-) Martin then saw and heard them walking around the outside of the patio screen. Martin heard the twigs snapping & leaves rustle where they walked. Daniel heard the sounds of them walking too. He asked them what they were doing here. When Martin asked them this, he felt Andrew’s energy too. Andrew let Martin know that he came with them. The Elves replied, “We are here balancing the energy of your house and yard for you.”

Since we have more people in the house at the mo, the Elves decided to drop by and help us work the energy of our house. Martin does it all of the time anyway, but now with other people here and their energy as well, his Elven buds decided to step in and help. We all could use a little help from our friends! :-D Especially those on the Higher dimensions & the Elvin variety!

Martin thanked them, and he’d see them around…soon. Yea, when Martin told me that he saw 2 Elves out the back that came to see him, I got a little scared. Like, were they here to take him? Oh hell no! He goes, I go! I then asked w/a big grin “Are they here for me?” *please say yes!please say yes!* Yea, like an Elf is gonna come for a Wise One! hahahahahahaha Not happening! Oh well, so we are both here for the time being with a little help from our Elvin friends keeping it cool! :-D


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  1. Karen T. says:

    That is awesome!!! That is all…lol.

  2. Jeremy says:

    interesting.. I was up around that time. I wondered what all the hubub was about too.

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Great… now THAT song is stuck in my head! LOL Pretty cool that Daniel could hear them too!

  4. admin says:

    Hey not a bad song to have stuck Leah!

  5. Swati says:

    LOL!! Never a boring moment in your house, is there?

  6. admin says:

    not so much Swati! LOL

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