Martin played at the Irish Rover last night with the band Tipperary Knights. Bobby, one of the owners of the Rover, was in the band for over 20 yrs when they went their separate ways. Carmel, the fiddle player, really rocked it. Come to find out, Martin is related to her by marriage! She married Martin’s 3rd cousin. That was really wild to find out *cue It’s A Small World*

Martin wanted to be taped while he was playing with the band. We were suppose to bring our digital recorder but forgot. SO Dan O’Reilly taped Martin playing for us. Dan is the resident photog, website guy, whatever is needed guy. Dan sent the video to Martin this morning.

Martin came out of his office after watching the video of him playing laughing so hard he couldn’t talk. Martin tells me in between laughing hard, that he was really getting into his mandolin playing, bobbin his head, really admiring the mandolin playing. Martin was all up in his own flava! lol Loving his self, enjoying his playing, when he felt Andrew laughing at him. Andrew knew Martin was getting lost in himself, and admiring the guy in the video! Who da man? You da man! The whole “I love me, who do you love” saying Martin use to say about egotistical people comes in to play here I believe!

So when Martin asked Andrew what he was laughing at, Andrew took Martin outside of himself to show him how gay Martin was for himself! His boofie hair,(note to self, cut his hair ASAP!) & instead of his “I’m Gay For Gregg”(Braden) t-shirt, it was a “I’m gay for ME” t-shirt, Andrew went ALL out to show how much Martin was into himself! Andrew thought Martin would get a good laugh showing him this and by God Martin did! He could hardly talk from laughin so hard! I just heard Andrew tell me “Just keeping it real Pretty Mama! Just keepin it real!” LOL  I’m guessing you had to be there to get the full effect to find it as funny as Martin did, but I thought it was funny enough to put here. :-D


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