Martin and I went for a walk tonight with our 8 lb, long haired, pretty like a girl, wiener dog Merlin. Merlin’s tiny wee legs going a mile a minute as we walked and talked.He was loving it!

Martin proceeds to tell me that he was chatting with Andrew the other day and Andrew was whittling away on a piece of wood. The word whittling kind of gave that away huh? I thought that was odd but then I remembered that Andrew actually did that here making his wands. He’d find branches and whittle away the bark until it was nice and smooth. My great grand father told me when I was a little kid that he whittled whistles when he was young. Yea, but he also told me that he use to be an Indian Chief and that my great grandmother (from Ireland mind you) was an Indian Squaw. SO I don’t think the whittling was really a family thing.

Andrew showed Martin the knife he was using. On the handle was the 4 of our faces and on the other side of the handle was Andrew’s initials. I asked Martin which initials? I mean Andrew could choose from several. The initials were AMPJ, his name here, Andrew Martin Patrick Jordan. I’m guessing because Andrew still has such strong ties to this plane he had those initials. Let’s face it, his work here is far from over. Not as long as we are here, his work is not done!

As we were walking we noticed writing with spray paint on the road from the County. There were 2 lines across the road and the #22 in between the 2 lines. We have been seeing 2’s ALL of the time! On the tv show Hell’s Kitchen, it was table 22 that had left. On another show someone was talking outside and the # on the building in BIG numbers was 22! I accidentally hit the remote and it landed on channel 222! A phone # for one of those cheesy chat lines was 844-2222. In the blog admin part it has 122 days for something. I ck the time its 12:22, 5:22, or 10:22 or 11:22! Like just now I remembered John Edward is on tonight so I turn on John Edward and the time? 10:22, the day Andrew crossed, as Cross Country is turned on. I wondered if there was going to be a message or sign for me during the show. ;-) DUH! I sit back down and see a pic of a family by the “Imagine” tiles in NY in honor of John Lennon. Yup, gonna need to pay attention to the show. Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Well, I got my other sign! John says to a mother, “your son is telling me, “I was with you in Hawaii.” The mother had never been to Hawaii and wasn’t planning on going. When she couldn’t validate it, it dawned on me! Andrew was letting me know he was with us in Hawaii. Of course I knew that, but it is always cool to get the validation.

And yet another message I believe from the Muck. John said to a woman about someone being mean to her. SHe validated that. Her daughter said that she puts herself last. John said she has to speak up for herself and not let anyone dump on her. She said she went off on someone that very morning. I wish I could remember the exact wording John and the woman used because it sounded like the similar situation I had xmas eve 2007 when I lost it. The woman said she was overwhelmed and had enough. I hear dat! So I wondered if it was Andrew letting me know that I wasn’t out of line for losing it xmas eve. There was only so much I could take and should have been given the space to be a grieiving mother. As I’m wondering if it was a message for me, I looked at the time and it was 11:22pm!

It’s been crazy how many 2’s we’ve been seeing. If I didn’t know better I’d swear Andrew was yelling at me! Saying “LOOK Pretty Mama! All that you have worked for is on it’s way! Now dry your eyes!” (an Irish expression) We should be booking a boat load of shows real soon according to these 2’s showing up! We’ve gotten a pretty good start.

It will be nice when Martin and I don’t have to spend so much time on the phone trying to get gigs and doing everything ourselves. I look forward to the time when people are calling US to book us! I’ve had one place do that already. We will know the seeds of ideas that we have planted have sprouted when we can pay for Team Jordan! :-D Our goal is to be able to have my sister-in law AnneMarie, and her hubby Tony, over here from Ireland and have Tony driving our tour bus or RV around the U.S. as we do our U.S. tour. Now how cool would that be? A. VERY!


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  1. Swati says:

    I love the way he keeps giving you messages, especially through John Edward. Which TV channel should I look for? I never see his shows, and would love to.

  2. admin says:

    Oh good Swati! You posted! I thought I was going to have write a whiny hiney song myself! :-)
    John Edward is on the WE channel (Women’s Entertainment) on Saturday’s at 10 and 11p.m. and repeats later

  3. Jeremy says:

    How very interesting.. I’ve been getting the 11:22 message now for quite some time and yes I looked at the clock last night at 11:22PM exactly as well.

    Today on the way home we kept seeing 3s everywhere and the letter P.

    Sounds like Sesame street. LOL

  4. Karen T. says:

    Getting lots 1’s and 2’s here too! And I can totally see the tour bus Connie…plainly…no joke. Yee-haw!

  5. admin says:

    Well I hope so Karen, as my sis in law and her hubby are excited at the prospect of being our driver and assistant! I told them that my friends were seeing it happen so they can take it to the bank!

    Hmmm Jeremy, I got nothing on the letter P… unless you had to. ;-) Better ask Big Bird. lol

    WHAT????? No Leah?? DO I have to not write to get her here??? Dana has gone M.I.A. as well.

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