Whittling The After Life Away

Martin spends A LOT of time with Andrew even beyond working together. They have many father/son moments. I don’t hear about all them because there are so many. As I have mentioned before, Martin usually tells me these stories when I am driving, and then I have to try and remember them when I get home to blog about them.

This is what happened yesterday. Apparently Andrew has taken up whittling. My Great Grand Father use to whittle whistles when he was young, well, that’s what he told me anyway. Then again he told me a lot of stuff that wasn’t true, like he use to be an Indian Chief and my Great Grand Mother, from Ireland mind you, was an Indian Squaw. I loved my Poppy’s stories!

Anyway, Martin and I were out and about when he tells me that yesterday morning he and Andrew were spending some quality father/son time together. They were whittling away at some wood…wait that don’t sound right! They had some wood they were whittling, ok, not any better. They each had a block of wood they were whittling, a little better, but not much. Martin looks at Andrew whittling away and Andrew is on fast forward like a cartoon, his hands moving as fast as lightening. His block of wood is a tooth pick in seconds. Andrew was rather proud of it, he was like “taa daa!” Martin said “A tooth pick? Really?” Martin was like, “seriously dude, that’s all you could come up with being Mr Big Avatar and all?!” Andrew said, “Yea, but it was made by hand!”

I said something to Martin about Andrew making things and was shocked when Martin agreed and said he asked for the same thing! I thought I was going to get the usual “Mucker Woman, STOP!” like I usually do when I say things about how I want Andrew back. But not this time! We are on the same page?! Who knew? I’m usually the “grieving mother” whining about Andrew leaving, and Martin’s the snap out of it father.

Martin said he asked Andrew to put one of the things he makes on his dimension, on our dimension! Woo Hoo me and Marts on the same page regarding Andrew! Hells yea! *happy dance!* I mean, with what we know about quantum psychics, and our thoughts creating things, and so called “reality,” why the hell not make it happen! Martin and I are like, “C’mon Avatar Boy! Show us what you got!” SO we are waiting!


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