Causes you grief…..CHANGE IT! At least open your mind to other possibilities that may make you feel better! Helllloooooo! Why would you want to hang onto beliefs that cause you grief?! I don’t get it!

What am I talking about? I’ll tell you. There are family members I have, that would rather hang on to their beliefs about passing on that cause them a lot of pain and grief. SO much so that they can’t even share in anything that may be joyful and funny regarding Andrew. Why would you not want to trade pain for peace?? I don’t get it!

So it got me to thinking that if your beliefs cause you that much grief then why would you not want to change them especially when you have people close to you that are finding peace in a traumatic situation! Unless you are hooked on feeling bad!

It’s one thing if that’s all you know and have no other information available to you. But when you have information available to you and you turn the other way, then I have no sympathy for people who sit in their grief! Especially people who know us and know we are willing to share our philosophies that has brought us peace in this tragic situation of losing our son’s physical presence. IT’S A CHOICE to stay in grief!

So if you have a belief that is causing you grief, then it’s time to look into a new belief! Beliefs should make you feel good! That’s why I have a problem with organized religion, most of the time their beliefs make you feel bad, guilty, or not good enough, especially in regards to crossing over. What organized religion tells you that you can communicate with your DLO? Most believe that it is the devil’s work! ROFLMAO with that one! Don’t even get me going about the whole devil, satan BS religion uses to control people!That’s for another blog. What religion tells you that you can continue your relationship with your DLO, just on another level? That your DLO is truly a live and well & with you? None that I know of! Religion teaches separation when a loved one crosses and that is not the case! It’s FAR from the truth! But then again, what does religion and truth have in common? Not much!

SO why keep a belief that is painful? Unless of course you like being miserable! Either way it’s your choice!


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  1. Tammy says:

    I LOVE the Tatts….& sooooooooo true…I am sorry they can’t get pass their self centeredness (?) to see the joy that comes with this new cycle of life & death. I told someone the other day that they have not gotten over the “divorce” because they look at it as an ending…..when they should start looking at it as a beginning…because what they have know is amazing….and they never would of had it if they didn’t end it when they did…..(it was the ex-wife of a baseball hall of famer..their daughter is my Sister-in-Law). I so terribly miss Andrew…..as we all do here….just as I miss my Mom, my Friend…etc…but their ending is a beginning for them as well as us!!!
    Hey I need your fax #..u have one right?? Cassie wrote a Memoir about Andrew for her English Class & got a 100…I want to share it with you guys……

    We LOVE U!!!!

  2. Swati says:

    And thats exactly what your book will show to people — which belief is helpful and which is not. In the end of course, its a person’s choice….either way its all good! LOL!

  3. Leah Clark says:

    Boy, I can totally relate to both sides. And it’s my BELIEF that what causes people to live inside the box is FEAR! LOL – before Christmas dinner this year, a family member said the prayer, being sure to insert “and it’s only through YOU that we blah blah blah… and that YOU are THE REASON for the season…” It wasn’t that long ago that I was saying those prayers! I can only be grateful that I don’ t have to live in that box anymore! Sure, I still crawl inside sometimes – but things like reading the blog, meditation (hush, Swati :D) and listening to my guides and angels help me take that LEAP outside again!!!! So I feel sorry for them and hope they will eventually see the light. :)

  4. Dana says:

    [quote]what does religion and truth have in common?[/quote]

    Nothing at all really!

    Dittos to everything Leah said! I’m so glad I got over the ‘religion’ thing too!

    *goes off to find the new tatt pics!*

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