As I lay in bed in the morning I talk with Andrew about the blogging for the day and ideas float in. Usually several at a time. I have to tell him I don’t take short hand dammit! Go slower! I was a nail tech never a secretary!

SO what I got this morning was that there were people out there that wondered what an Avatar was but was afraid to ask. ;-) I was never quite sure about how to explain it, I just knew what it was. Andrew gave the explanation this morning.

An Avatar is a God here on Earth. I know what some of you are thinking, how egotistical I am for saying my son is a God. Hey! Don’t all Moms think their son’s are God’s anyway!! LOL If you watch Dr. Phil on mother in laws you would see that!

Andrew explains that we are ALL sparks of the Divine Creator. Every single one of us! Bar none! You wouldn’t know it judging by how we treat ourselves. Here comes lesson # 3 Oooo he’s sneaking it in here. ;-) Yet another easy one but very powerful one that most of us don’t get! Now let that really sink in….YOU ARE A SPARK OF THE DIVINE CREATOR!

Now, would you mistreat the Divine Creator if you met him/her face to face?? Although you do meet them everyday in the mirror! Ok, here’s a perfect example. I was at an Angel ceremony gathering back in 2000 in Chicago. It was a beautiful ceremony to bump up our vibration. As we sat in a circle after, my friend, Kathy, channeled her Angel. Now my circle was all tired looking middle aged women who looked like they never took time to honor themselves. Here’s what her Angel said, again simple, yet so powerful!

“If you want to love God more…LOVE YOURSELF MORE!” How profound is that??!!! When we honor & love ourselves, we are honoring and loving God, the Divine Creator! How many of us really get that?? Or do that?

Still not sold?? No probs, I got another one for you. A few years back our 38yr old cousin in Ireland, Kiern, passed away from eye cancer. Now you know Light Workers will have a field day w/that one. If you have to ask why, you wouldn’t understand. If you are laughing, you get the joke! He came to Martin a few days after he crossed while we were out to lunch, that don’t sound right, we were at a restaurant, much better. He was being his usual clown self. The Irish are very funny, especially Kiern. He’s the only one I know that shows up to a party drunk and leaves sober! I talk about it in my book “SO These Two Dead Guys Walk Into A Bar…”

After awhile of his cracking jokes he was away. A month or so passes and he appears again. He told Martin that his life review was harder than he ever could’ve expected. Your life review is not so you can be judged to see if you can go to heaven or hell. That’s just silliness. You are surrounded by love when this happens. Your life review is your chance to see if you have accomplished everything you set out to do. You are the only judge. Yes, you get to feel the joy or the pain you created in your life. That can be punishment enough! I just don’t buy into all the religion’s fear based thoughts on that. How do you control people?? Through fear.

Anyway, almost got on my soap box there when Andrew said “Focus Mommy!” Kiern said “The hard part wasn’t seeing what I did to anyone else but how I treated myself!” How he didn’t honor himself as much as he should have & he couldn’t go back and change it. When we don’t care and love ourselves we dishonor that part of our selves that is the spark of the Divine that we came to Earth with. Also by not caring for ourselves it hurts our loved ones. Kiern left behind 2 children, a wife, 8 brothers & sisters (remember, they are Irish) and grieving & devastated parents. So remember peeps! Love & honor yourself more!

So what’s makes an Avatar so different?? An Avatar has MORE Divine Creator/God energy than human energy. That is why they usually don’t stay long on this planet, it’s too dense for their bodies & they are too sensitive for the negative energy of this planet. BUT they leave a lasting impression in such a short amount of time!

Thank you for touching our hearts Andrew with your Pure Heart!! It has been & continues to be an honor for all of us!!!!

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6 Responses to WHAT IS AN AVATAR??

  1. Anna Taylor says:

    Timely message for me. Thank you, Andrew!!!

    LOVE to you always xxx

  2. Jourdan Montano says:

    aww Andrew is so cool.


  3. Jeremy says:

    Its amazing how you know these things, you discover them, and then you forget them. Im going to focus hard on this one.. Im really going to try and put a fresh perspective on it.

    You are right, we have to look in the mirror and see the divine and treat ourselves as we would a God/Goddess Form if they manifested before us.

    Thanks Andrew, for reminding me.


  4. Swati says:

    “Kiern said “The hard part wasn’t seeing what I did to anyone else but how I treated myself!” ”

    You know each time I read about…everyone is a spark of God, so treat everyone right…I just skim over it, because mostly, and by and large I know I do that part right :). It is very easy to see God in another’s eyes. Then comes the tougher part…be nice to yourself. And I think, “Yeah, well…I am nice to myself…ummm…”. And actually I am not sure about that. Often I feel I do treat myself right. And I am not sure when I don’t. But all I know is, I cannot say it with as much conviction that I am treating me right, as I can say I treat others right. No, I will not say I ALWAYS treat others right. Sometimes I’m plain angry, and mean. And thats that. lol! But by and large I know I do fine.

    However, when I read that part I have quoted above, I felt, “Oooops! Gotta pay attention”. LOL!!! So I have to first figure out why I cannot say with conviction that I treat me right. I know one…when I overeat, overstuff, I feel really sick, I feel really really sick. Yet…I do it. Got to find out what else I do that I don’t like. And got to pay attention so I can say 100% of the time that I treat others right too.

    Great lesson! :)


  5. Karen T. says:

    WOW! Needed this one…thank you, Andrew!

  6. Myra Procter says:

    This has really struck a chord with me. I know without a doubt that I don’t honour myself and my body. It’s my biggest challenge and has been for many many years and I would love to overcome it. I do believe that we are all a ‘spark’ of the Divine Creator and the way that Andrew has described looking in the mirror is great and I am going to really try with that one. I believe I always treat other people well and with respect and it’s high time I gave myself the same consideration.
    Thank you Andrew.

    Love Myra

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