We just got back from Megan’s FUNeral. Have to say I am glad we went. She had a huge turnout. Didn’t expect anything less! Her personality was way tooooo big for anything less!

We brought our 8×10 pic of Andrew. We take him to all special occasions. :-D Un-benounced to me I was going to go up and speak! Andrew told Martin I was. Martin asked him if I knew, and Andrew said “she will in a minute.” Then I got the overwhelming urge to go up & speak so I made my way over to side and up front, picture in hand to show.

I wanted people to know what Megan said about her transplant, she was going to make it for her and Andrew. I think that was an incredible beautiful thing to say.

Also I wanted to thank Megan’s mom, Michelle, who was so shocked to see me, and Megan’s grandmother Cindy, for being so out going and helping mother’s like me, who stayed to themselves to feel like we weren’t alone. Martin and I would talk to Cindy almost every morning while doing our clown house chores.

I then reminded people to make sure that the inspiration they all felt from Megan to keep it alive and talk about her every chance they get. Use her story to teach others about courage and grace. I said that Megan and Andrew were just to big for this planet and their journey and purpose hasn’t ended, it’s only begun and it’s up to us to pay attention and carry on their message.

I felt such passion about people not just giving lip service when they say Megan or Andrew are an inspiration. People need to live it!!! If we don’t, then their journey through the pain of leukemia & all they taught us was in vain! That’s why the stories I hear about people using the green bracelet or Andrew’s story to teach brings me peace and joy knowing Andrew is still making a difference here!

I was surprised that I got applause and Martin said people in the back where he was were verbally agreeing with what I had to say. When I was done I went over to Michelle to give her a hug and a green bracelet. I went to Cindy to give her one as well. It has his name and “It’s All Good” on it. Andrew had me bring them each one and 2 extra. I’m so grateful Carol from the Irish Rover had those made for Andrew’s service.

Cindy and Michelle spoke and did a beautiful job! A few other mother’s from ACH spoke as well on what an impact Megan on their lives.

After the service we saw one of Andrew’s fav nurses was there, Shawn. I was so exited! Shawn was so much fun to have for a nurse. So I gave him one of the green bracelets as well. Not sure who was suppose to get the last one. Shawn and his wife are a lot of fun and have the same sick sense of humor as we do! We actually got kicked out the FUNeral home!!!! How many people can say that??? LMAO!!!!

Martin said Megan and Andrew were up front. I knew he was wearing his suit. She was wearing a pink fairy type dress and a tiara, her hair was in pretty curls. They were holding hands and Martin said Andrew held her hand up saying, “She’s here and doing great!” :-D

Not to my surprise, Megan has a castle on the Other Side too. Martin said it’s like a Disney type castle only pink. I’ll have to get more details from him later. He is wiped out, as am I. You can imagine the energy there with so many people grieving, even I had a splitting headache which is unlike me. Martin and I are sensitive to energy anyway, I don’t get headaches and I got a pounding one when I got up to speak.

Instead of a card, we gave Michelle a CD of the The Dreaming Sea song that Andrew wrote to Martin and I. I’m hoping the words will give Michelle some peace when she needs it.

While I was hoping to see more people from ACH that I loved, it was so great to see Shaun, meet his wife, Michelle, Cindy, and Ame who is Sophie Bell’s Mom. (a baby that’s been dealing w/cancerous brain tumors BUT is tumor free now! :-D ) These are the only people that know what we’ve been through and it was good to be with them again! I know! Weird huh?? But it was. When you go through something as traumatic as this kind of an illness and loss with your child, you can’t help but form special bonds with people going through the same, no matter how hard you try not to! :-)


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7 Responses to WHAT A SURPRISE!

  1. Dana says:

    What an inspiration you are Connie! (and Andrew & Martin)! Tis never easy when grieving for a loved one, but I know you made a difference to the peeps that there were!


  2. Denise says:

    Yes you made a BIG difference to those peeps, and you are such an inspiration !!!!! this is such a part of the work you { Martin and Andrew} still have to do Darlingk

    Love ya

  3. Swati says:

    You guys are the cooooooooolest!!!!

  4. Karen T. says:

    I enjoy watching Andrew’s effect and teachings going out in huge ripples! I am sure that those who knew Megan feel the same from her. I am also sure that you were lead by heart, Source and son to say exactly what her friends and family needed to hear. You are amazing Connie!

  5. Leah Clark says:

    I have been thinking a lot about Megan lately… Glad to know she’s hangin’ with Andrew now!

  6. admin says:

    Megan is a power house in her own right and while hers and Andrew’s journey may differ, she definitely has her peeps she is in charge of watching over. I hope they are open to all she has to offer them! But she knew what she was up against when she signed her contract. She’s tough enough to handle them that’s fo sho! LOL

    What I find ironic is that the Pastor said all the right things in his sermon, it was the absolute truth & quite metaphysical! Even with the Heavenly Father this or the Jesus Christ that, he still talked about how death isn’t real, we just move on to the next leg of our journey and even how being on the Other Side is our natural state. How Megan will continue to be around us all and to keep talking about her. I was really impressed with his eulogy. Wasn’t expecting that! :-)

    Soooooooo why is it then people have a hard time believing in mediumship or signs we get from our loved ones who have moved on?? How many religions talk about everlasting life then turn around and talk bout the ever so ridiculous devil worship crap when we communicate with the Other Side??? I just find it hypercritical and ironic. But then again religion is filled with hypocrisy IMHO. Now I am not saying this Pastor is this way, but I do find people of religion are like this a lot of the time. Wot wid dat??

  7. Leila says:


    This was beautiful! I could feel the love all around. I could see Andrew & Megan together too. Big hugs to you and Martin.
    Lots of Love

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