I had this almost done yesterday when the computer erased it! ARRRRG! :-( So I left it until today.

We didn’t see Wesley for 6 weeks because we were gone a month and we didn’t see him a week before or a week after. He hadn’t been at his grandmother’s for a few weeks because he was grounded. The reason he was grounded is a story ONLY for the forum on here NOT the blog. LOL

I got a call on Friday night and I nearly crapped myself when I heard the voice on the other end! (middle age catching up with me I guess) It was Wesley sounding more like a man! Kinda freaked me out because it had only been 6 weeks since we’ve seen him. AND he sounded a bit like Andrew as well. Elatia and I were just having this conversation while away how Wes’s voice hasn’t changed yet and remembering how Andrew’s had by this point. It use to freak Martin and I out hearing Wes and Andrew in his room wrestling and how Andrew’s voice was sounding deeper. It was so weird hearing your little boy’s voice sounding like a young man. It of course was harder on me than Martin.

When Wes comes over I nearly crap myself again! (middle age sucks!) He had to have grown a few inches since the last time I had seen him. I mean, what a difference 6 weeks makes! We have a light in our kitchen/dining area that Andrew would use to measure himself with, how far he had to go before his head would hit it. He knew once his head could touch the light, he was tall. That was his goal, be able to touch the end of the light with his head. Andrew not only made that goal, he super exceeded it! Andrew then got tired of hitting his head on the light. LOL So this has been Wes’s goal too, be able to touch the end of the light with his head then he’d be as tall as Andrew. Before we left for our month long trip/tour, he still wasn’t tall enough to touch the light with head. He tried, close, but no cigar.

When Wes came over he walked out to the back patio with Martin when Martin noticed something that went un-noticed by Wes. As he walked under the light he had to bow his head! Martin told him to back up. Wes was puzzled as to why. Martin told him to back up under the light and sure enough! His head touches the bottom of the light and then some! Wes was so excited. He is getting as tall as Andrew! It was nice to share this milestone with Wes.

The other night I was in the living room while “the boys” were in the office playing W.O.W. As I sat there I could hear Wes & Martin talking and for those moments I closed my eyes and it felt and sounded like Andrew was in the office with his Dad having fun like it use to be. Yes, as my eyes were closed the tears ran down my face as I felt the sadness and the joy. Sadness at the loss of the physical presence of my son and the joy of still having one of my son’s best friends to share our lives with.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    That’s an awesome story. I’m glad you are getting more of the mucklets that you need. Still pushing for an all out manifestation though.

  2. Karen T. says:

    Hugs and smiles for you from me Connie. I hope today has more blessings in store for you.

  3. admin says:

    I’m still pushing for an all out manifestation too Jeremy!

    Thank you Karen! More blessings is good!

    Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Swati says:

    I don’t think I can ever stop being thankful that Wes is in your lives.

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