WHAT A CELEBRATION WE HAD! The wait is over!

We created a new memory for Oct 22 and a beautiful one at that! Next year on Oct 22nd, I will remember the tender moments shared with people who love Andrew. We had a beautiful, intimate celebration of Andrew’s life and all of us moving a bit closer in to accepting our new relationship with Andrew more.

We just returned to Laguna from a great time in Palm Springs performing and lounging by the pool at a 5 star hotel. Yup! I was leading a metaphysical rock star life for a day! So I am too tired to write a proper blog about our special day on Oct 22 now. But I wanted to touch base to let you know that I will be posting how our beautiful day went. I want to make sure I do our day justice. I want to take you there and I just can’t do it right now, so be patient and I will do it in a day or 2. I am enjoying my time away so very much! I don’t have a lot of time to think and be depressed and it feels great! I like this keeping busy thing doing what I love and hanging with my soul family and friends! IT ROCKS!

Yea, I know, I am being a tease with the title by NOT telling you about the celebration we had. ;-) *evil laugh* Oh well……



Our day started with getting ready for the ceremony. Me, Elatia and Tammy went out with our IIAGD t-shrts and finished our shopping for the celebration, spreading the word of IIAGD everywhere we went. One woman in the grocery store had tears in her eyes when I told her about Andrew.

Tamara (my friend and hairdresser here) brought our special guest, Andrew’s girlfriend, Jourdan around noonish.

Tammy had seashells from Siesta Key Beach that we had Jourdan write, “It’s all good” on them. It was for everyone to hold during the ceremony to infuse with love and then leave on the beach for someone to find. I gave Jourdan her presents of Andrew and she just loved them. She really appreciated the crystal with some of his ashes and the polymer clay leaf I made from a leaf from Andrew’s tree, with our Glan Croi symbol in the center. I also gave her one of Andrew’s mouth wash bottles he was so adamant on me saving while in the hospital. I put a few of his amethyst cyrstals in it. Before she went home I asked if she wanted some of his ashes in it and she did.

I wanted to make sure she had a great day so we shared our funny Muck stories, then and now. I kept the energy lighthearted because I knew how hard this day was on her. She has a lot to deal with anyway without the grief of losing the love of her life, her rock. I wanted to create a special memory for her and I think we did accomplished that.

I played Andrew’s myspace page music throughout the day. We talked about Andrew’s love of John Denver and Jourdan had a story to share about that. She said she told Andrew that John was a wife beating, pot head! :-o Uh-oh! Oh no she didn’t! LOL She then says “Yea, I got in trouble for that one!” LOL LOL

Leila arrived as we were getting ready to go to the beach with beautiful pink roses and some kick ass peanut butter chip, chocolate cookies her daughter made in honor of Andrew’s love of Reece cups in hand, and wearing an IIAGD t-shirt from our cafe press store. It looks great! I am pleased with the t-shirts and I’m gonna order me a few.

We all start to make our way down to the beach, we looked like a convoy with cauldron, guitar, cd player, etc. We looked for the perfect spot so not to be disturbed. We were going to use the cauldron to burn our messages to Andrew but there was a fire alert so we didn’t do that.

We found our perfect spot, put Andrew’s pic upon the rock along with the cauldron and seashells. I handed out the paper and pens to everyone as we waited for Brandon, he owns Awakenings metaphysical store, and loves Andrew as Andrew loves him. Andrew loves his store too, he’s 2nd fav metaphysical store…ours was his first!

I started the music cd and Martin and I embraced to the song Andrew had us dance to at his service “I’m Still Here” from Treasure Planet. Then we began to write our messages as the music continues and as the sound of the huge waves crashed before us and the sun made it’s way down to the colorful horizon. It was a beautiful peaceful atmosphere. We had our spots around the rock with Andrew’s pic. I finished my message and notice Jourdan crying as the song is on from Andrew to her. I sat beside her and put my arm around her. I wanted her to feel safe and allow her emotions to flow, and she did. She cried and expressed her feelings and I validated them. I looked at her and told her “You and I are Andrew’s 2 favorite women in his life, that will never change.” It was a beautiful, tender moment with Andrew’s lady. A mother and a girlfriend sharing their loss of the very special man in their lives.

Daniel and Tammy shared a mother son moment as she comforted Daniel on the loss of his best bud.

Elatia captured both moments w/her camera as well as others. She moved around all of us so gracefully capturing these moments without being intrusive. She captured the beauty of the sunset on the beach as well as the emotions of the celebration. She said taking the pics helped her move through her grief. I think she may have a new business here for herself that hasn’t been done before. Taking the painful times in our lives and turning them into something beautiful & memorable. Martin will be creating a slide show of the pics. Yes, I did get a pic of Elatia writing as well.

We all finished writing and put our messages in the cauldron. I had us all hold a lighted candle as Martin then read Andrew’s message to us all about living in joy. I’ll have to have Martin post it on his blog. Brandon showed up after, as did another friend Phil. We gave them a candle and a shell. Before we put our shells somewhere on the beach, Tamara had the idea of taking a pic of our hands holding the shells. So we put Andrew’s pic in the center as our hands circled his pic with the shells that said “IT’S ALL GOOD” It came out so freakin cool! Thank God(dess) for Elatia’s go go gadget arms! :-D

Martin then sang a few of Andrew’s songs that he’s given Martin. But we didn’t end it there, oh no, we just had to take it that one step further. A song that had NOTHING to do with IIAGD or Andrew. Martin sang the parody “The Herpes Song” about Valtrex. Even the girl laying close by on the beach was laughing. SO we ended the ceremony part for our beloved 17yo son with a herpes song. What is wrong with us!!! LOL

When it was over and the sun had set, I thought we would leave but instead we all sat there on the beach talking. I asked Brandon to share with Jourdan how he dealt with losing his brother at 15yo. When he told me about his experience at his store, it touched my heart. He validated me and my emotions in such a beautiful way. I knew Jourdan would benefit from hearing it too. SO Brandon did a bit of teaching to us all. We weren’t people sitting on the beach grieving the loss of a 17yo amazing young man. We were Souls loving and honoring a beautiful evolved Soul’s journey home. A Soul that has touched us in such a deep and profound way. We were sharing an incredible event so much more than our human minds can comprehend but could feel. The Soul comprehends it though. I could feel the energy as it connected each one of our hearts together in honor of one, making us all one.

It was such a beautiful experience. Now next year on Oct 22, I will remember the amazing feeling and beautiful day we had on the beach with special people in my life, in honor of our son’s incredible life! NOT the trauma of losing him. Now that’s what I’m talking about! ;-)
We went back to Tammy’s and enjoyed food, music, and great company!

Anyone who was there, please feel to add anything I may have left out. I’m sure everyone wants to hear about your experience as well.


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21 Responses to WHAT A CELEBRATION WE HAD! The wait is over!

  1. Swati says:

    Hi!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the details and see the pictures!! I am sooooo happy to read that you are having a great time!!!! ((((((((((hugs))))))))))

  2. Jane says:

    It’s ok Connie – take your time. Just relax and enjoy yourself now. Sending you all heaps of love.

  3. Lord Horus says:

    I’m glad you guys are having such a wonderful time. You totally deserve it! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Keep having fun!!


  4. Denise says says:

    So glade to hear every thing is so Awesome!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about everything!!! He is such a good kid, he has been around here a lot the last couple of days too!! Ditto to what Jeremy ” Lord Horus” said . And We are getting closer to needing Team Jordan!!! I can feel it!!!

    Love Ya {{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

  5. Leila says:

    ((((Pretty Mama)))) you are a rock star!!!!

    It was a beautiful day! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.
    Sorry you all, can’t give a spoiler you’ll just have to wait for Connie. ;-)
    It’s all good!

    Love & hugs,


  6. PrettyMama says:

    Daniel, Tammy’s 12 yo son, was so funny about being part of “Team Jordan.” He took his job very seriously in making sure he cleared the way while leaving the hotel making sure no fans or paparazzi got in my way! LOL LOL talk about fanning the flame to the ego!! Now I am a HUGE legend in my own mind! Thanks Daniel!!

    Thank you Leila for sharing in our special day. I am so glad you got to be there!

    Hope to get on my computer soon. Thanks foryour all love and support!

  7. Jane says:

    Good job Daniel looking after our Team Jordan.

    Leila – glad you were able to be there too. And you are right ‘It’s All Good’

  8. Dana says:

    Dang it Connie! I don’t want to wait *pouts* Been having a really crappy week here actually, so I really need a vicarious happy story! *more pouting*

  9. Pretty Mama says:

    Awww sorry Dana but I don’t have access to the lap top enough right now. I was looking at the pics Elatia took of the ceremony and they are so great! She really captured the emotions and atmosphere of the ceremony. I can’t wait till we can post them and the slide show Martin is going to do of them. Be patient my pets!! :-) It will be worth the wait!

  10. Karen T. says:

    Also so very happy that you guys are having the awesome time that you deserve to have and that we all hoped you’d have! And although I can hardly wait to hear all about it either, I will be patient knowing that good times are being had by you in the mean time. Have to go and see Merlin now…I’ll give him lovins for ya!

  11. Dana says:

    [quote] Also so very happy that you guys are having the awesome time that you deserve to have and that we all hoped you’d have! [/quote]


    But I still don’t do ‘patience’ *grin*

    I’m listening to Craic Wisely – mine fave Irish music band! So now I am a wee bit happier. Dang these energy shifts that are accompanied by a nasty head cold :(

    *waits patiently for pics and a proper story*

  12. Leah Clark says:

    *waits patiently for pics and a proper story*

    Yeah, and if you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land in Florida for sale… LMAO!!!

    From one AH (attention ho – what were YOU thinking???) to another – git ‘r dun!!! We aint’s got all day!!!!!

    Seriously, I’m SO glad you’re getting to rest and relax and have fun. You deserve it!!!


  13. admin says:

    Ok peeps you whined about it you got it! I snagged the computer before Marts could! Ha ha! I still have our Sedona trip to talk about too! I hope I was able to take you o the journey.

  14. Pretty Mama says:

    For a bunch of whiners you guys are sure taking your time to respond!! What?? Do you guys have a life or something??

  15. Lord Horus says:

    LOL… I think they might have went and pouted and probably didnt expect there to be anything here for awhile… But an Awesome journey non the less.

    Thank you for sharing it I can’t wait to see Elatia’s photos.

  16. Jane says:

    I felt as though I was there Connie. Thank you xxxx Such a beautiful way to honour not only Andrew but yourselves.

    LH – spot on :o)

  17. Leah Clark says:

    OMG – how beautiful! And only Andrew and Martin could have come up with the Valtrex song… Those boys… Can’t wait to see the pics!!!

  18. Dana says:

    Dittos to what Leah said! I could have been down here sooner – I fell asleep at 2 am and only got 3 hours of sleep! Now I’m seriously contemplating not going to class this morning *evil grins*

    Well there are just so many gosh darned wonderful moments there that I couldn’t begin to comment on each one! I can’t wait to see the pics! It all sounds so AMAZING! I sure wish I could have been there too! But we were all with you in Spirit!

  19. Karen T. says:

    What I love is that you will be sharing what happened to you all with others as they find those shells! That’s awesome! I could feel the special while reading this post. Thank you for sharing Connie. So happy for you all that your moments together there celebrating Andrew were so sweet. Yay!

  20. Swati says:

    What a beautiful ceremony…thanks for writing it down. Want to see the pictures too. ((((((hugs))))))

  21. Leo says:

    Dear Connie,
    You are such a beautiful writer. I feel like I was there. Thank you.
    It’s all Good!

    Oh, I had a hit on that on Sept.22: my 5:00 client used the phrase. :-)


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