Andrew’s birthday was in deed a magickal one! It started with checking the weather report a few days ago to see what to expect. It said scattered thunder storms for Monday. We’ve been having hot muggy weather the last few weeks. So I figured it was the end of any nice weather till Nov.

Now here’s a wee peek into what an Air Bender does. I know this was my Mother’s Day present. It was hot and muggy on Sunday (no, that wasn’t the present) and then cloudy, so I figured, “yup, storms tomorrow.” Yet I wasn’t concerned because I knew Andrew ad Martin would handle it. I check the weather site again and it sez clear, sunny, high 81!! OMG! That’s a cold front for us in May! AND low humidity! *doin happy dance!* I got up at 6a.m. on his b-day. I KNOW! What’s up with that?? Sooo not me! And it was a steller morning! Absolutely gorgeous! Worth being awake for!

THAT was the present! An absolutely gorgeous day for a celebration of an Avatar! Andrew made sure his Pretty Mama wasn’t going to be a puddle of perimenopausal sweat in the yard during the ceremony. Instead of storms it was an amazing cool breeze that just touched my very soul. It was magnificent! And so perfect! The whole day was magickal! An Air Bender turns storms into gorgeous weather….with the help of an Earth Bender. ;-) (i.e. Glan Croi)

The second magickal thing was Martin had asked Andrew Sunday night for some dragon flies. Marts loves his dragon flies. We leave Monday morning to go shopping for the party and there are all these baby dragon flies swarming our front yard! Had to be at least 100 all in the front area where the ceremony will be. They were clearing and raising the vibration of the area. It was cool to watch! The Elementals were making it sacred ground (even if our yard is brown and crunchie from no rain) to honor an Avatar. Martin was giddy like a little girl when he saw this. Our yard was feeling like a fantasy land with all the Elemental activity. They were excited about the party as well. They knew it was for a V.I.P.

We went to the party supermarket to see if by some slim chance they had any Avatar birthday supplies left like they did last year. Denise and I couldn’t find it the day before. I decide to ask, the clerk said it had been on clearance and didn’t know if there was any left. We went over to clearance and sure enough there it all was! AND over 1/2 off! I stocked up for future birthdays! YAY! I mean c’mon! The Avatar decor means so much more this year than last year’s b-day!

As we all know, Andrew was all about his procedures and traditions as well. One of his birthday traditions is going to Long Horns Steak House, where Elatia works, and having lunch. So Martin, Elatia, Wesley and I went there for lunch. Martin got Andrew’s fav steak & the way Andrew liked it, med rare, ok, he preferred rare but we’d only let him have it med. rare. We had a good time. We put a picture out of Andrew & Elatia from the wedding, on the table. The one where she is pinching his ass. I just love his laugh in that one.

After that we go to get his cake, a Banana Dream cake from TooJays’s. This cake IS a freakin dream! Martin was asking Andrew for a sign while I went in to get the cake. Andrew told him to look at the light pole, it had the number 17 on it! His age! Nice one Muck!

Elatia cut out the hearts from construction paper for all us to write our messages to Muck for the ceremony. Except for Swati’s we had to print hers on the computer because hers is a big a$$ heart! LOL in everyway! So those were ready for the ceremony.

We decorated the house with green balloons. Wesley went and got a bunch of smiley face mylar balloons and wrote IT’S ALL GOOD on them and put them all over the house and patio. He also gave $100 towards Andrew’s computer!! He did not write a message on a heart for the tree tho. He wrote Andrew a private message and attached it to a smiley face balloon and let it go. I thought that was beautiful.

After everyone arrived, we make our way to the front yard. Cory, Lori and Cj were the last to arrive. Colleen and David (the artist who did my portrait) came, I was glad to see them, it’s been awhile, they always have yummy home made food! :-D Much to my surprise Elatia’s mother in law and sister in law with 7yo nephew, Riley came. I was happy to see them too! They have always been so wonderful to us. Elatia’s friend DeDe came as well. She came up to the hospital the night Andrew ascended. DeDe was also there the day Andrew got off intubation. She saw him in action with his incredible knowledge then. There was of course Denise, Wesley, Elatia, Ed, Martin and I. A nice little group.

We set up a chair with a smiley face balloon for the lap top for music and Andrew’s picture. As I was getting ready to go outside with the laptop and picture the door opens up for me! Andrew open the door for me and was going out with me! How cool is that?! Everybody noticed that one!

We played the cd from Andrew’s service. It was just amazing how each song came on at the exact appropriate moment, which made the ceremony even more powerful!

We had the 3 boys walk the tree over together. I read the poem Jeremy’s mother wrote for Andrew, it was very touching. Martin then gave a message from Andrew.

We then proceeded with those of us who had Andrew’s ashes, the 3 boys, Elatia, Denise, Martin and I, to sprinkle them in the hole made for the tree. The song “Imagine” came on I believe. Martin and I went first. Much to my surprise the boys were very much into doing it BUT also kept some of his ashes in their container I gave them of Andrew’s. I didn’t know how they would react to having their dear friend’s ashes. But when I first gave Cory and Cj the container, they joked about snorting Andrew & I knew then they were ok with it. ROFLMAO! Then Martin said, “DO you really want Andrew in your head making you be all positive and liking people??!!” Cory said “That would suck!” LMAO BOYZ! Nothing is sacred! LOL

Then Denise went to sprinkle the ashes she had and last was Elatia bringing up the end with family. After that, we gave each boy a crystal from Andrew to put in their container and they asked if they could also take a leaf from his tree and put it in their container as well. I thought that was very cool that they wanted to do that. Andrew had a close relationship with his friends. He didn’t have a lot of friends, but he had quality friends! That’s the way Andrew liked it.

Denise, with the boys and Martin lowered the tree into the ground, “Black Bird” was playing. Andrew loves playing that on the guitar. We all took a handful of peat moss and put it in around the tree. Riley got in line a few times! LOL You know how it is with boys and dirt!

Once the tree was stable, we started tying our heart messages to the tree one at a time. “Follow Me” by John Denver came on. It brought me back to the PICU when Andrew was first off intubation and Martin was playing the guitar and we sang that song, including Andrew. It was the first time I heard him really sing, especially in front of people. Then JD’s “My Sweet Lady” came on. Another song that tugs at my heart. BUT I held it together!

Once we were done with tying the hearts on the tree, Denise started putting the rest of the dir…I mean sand, we live in Fla, back. Riley wanted to help and was doing a great job! It took time because we were watering in between layers of sand.

I stood there and watched them take care of the tree as the song by Creed “With Arms Wide Open” played. Well, I hugged the picture of Andrew to my heart while that song played and the tears ran down my face. That song was for the lead singer’s son when he found out his wife was pregnant. Even Cory said, “Well, that song is very appropriate now.”

Listening to those words it just hit me hard again how I had to celebrate my son’s 17th birthday. Yet it was so powerful too. I was remembering the day Andrew was born and all the hopes and dreams you have for your child when they first arrive here. I just clung onto his picture and went with the emotions I was feeling, glad I had my sunglasses on. I think Elatia captured it on ‘film.’

After that we had a toast to Andrew. I had bought some sparkling grape juice and chardonnay with plastic champagne glasses. We put a champagne glass by the trunk of the tree for Andrew and I put some wine in it. The glass is still there. During the toast, the song by Josh Groban came on, “You Raise Me Up.” I know! Get the tissues, right?? Tears and snotters time! Another one of Andrew’s fav songs. We all remained silent for a bit, listened and let the words of the song permeate our body and soul. It is Martin, Andrew’s and my anthem. I explained, as I choked up through my tears trying to talk, that when Andrew was here, he felt like Martin and I had raised him up so he could see. Now it is him who raises Martin and I up. It is such a powerful song for us.

With that, it ended a very beautiful and powerful ceremony honoring an incredible young man on the day he made his way here into our lives, forever changing all of us, who were fortunate enough to TRULY know him & love him.

We went inside and ate and had a great time. I turned on the cd again to continue the music. A bit later as some had to leave, what song came on?? That’s right! The Bright Side Of Life! How perfect was that? But the party continued until after midnight! Which is why I’m only getting around to writing about this now! Yes, Elatia did take loads of pics and they will be posted soon

An absolute perfect, magickal day in every way for the perfect, magickal son! And like Christmas, instead of it being the hardest day, it was one of the best! This day brought more joy & peace than sorrow! We weren’t just grieving parents, friends or sister, we were beautiful Souls who came together to honor another amazing, beautiful Soul’s journey and what he meant to all of us! I am truly blessed!


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19 Responses to WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Yaaay!!! I get to comment first! It sounds like you had an awesome day, Connie! I’m so glad you are wonderful at describing things, it’s almost like being there! I wish I could have seen the dragonflies – that sounds too cool!!!! And Andrew making sure all the right songs played at the right time… a boy after my own heart. Pure Heart!!! You ROCK!!!!

  2. admin says:

    YAY Youre the first!!

    I’m sorry you couldn’t be there Leah too. I was hoping I could paint the picture well enough to suck everyone into feeling like they were there. :-D
    The whole day just ROCKED! It is a testament to who Andrew is!

  3. Swati says:

    First of all I am really bummed that I missed the day…for some reason I was thinking that his birthday is on the 16th. And each day I looked at the date so that I would not miss 16th. I usually lose track of dates and time, so this time I was making sure I would not lose track of the dates because I wanted to remember the 16th! What on earth is wrong with my brains?? Or maybe I am lacking it altogether. lol!

    Leah just told me that you posted about the birthday celebrations and I asked her why you wrote about the the birthday celebrations because it is still a few days away…on the 16th. Then she enlightened me that he was 16 years old, and the birthday was on the 12th! DUH!!!!

    So I will celebrate his birthday today. I’ll go to the link for plantig a tree. And Andrew, since in your realm there is no such thing as time, please accept my birthday wishes for you today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    The celebrations sounded amazing! And those miraculous things like the breeze, the dragonflies, the songs…he was RIGHT there, celebrating his birthday!! Woooohoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I hope you guys took pictures. Please post them…I’m sure not just I, but many will want to see the pictures. Who knows, we might see Andrew orbs too!!


  4. Leah Clark says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Andrew orbs!!!!! Good thing no boys are here to post…….. ah, I coudn’t resist!!!!!!!!

  5. Swati says:

    ….interrogating Leah on Yahoo Messenger on what second meaning “Andrew orbs” might have. (yeah…still on DUH mode)

  6. admin says:

    Now she didn’t say Andrew’s orbs Leah! LMAO!

    Swati, Andrew is 17 now and b-date is 5/12/91. Your heart is hanging on his tree!

  7. Leah Clark says:

    I know – I just had to get you back for talking about Stewie’s cubes! That’s all I can think about now when I see those billboards!!! LMAO!!!!

  8. Swati says:

    So, were any pictures taken?

  9. admin says:

    Loads of pics were taken! But because of Elatia’s camera being so professional the pics are huge and need to be scaled down for the web. Patience dear Swati patience! I can’t believe it’s just the 3 of us on this post!

  10. Joanie Light says:

    Happy Birthday, Andrew! The celebration sounds magical.

  11. Tammy says:

    Connie…I did get sucked up into thinking I was there…but being very visual & knowing you guys like I know you that was easy & also hard; because I SO wanted to be physically there!!!!
    Love ya

  12. Karen T. says:

    I read this on MySpace first, then came here. As I said, it really did make me visualize this totally awesome day where everything that happened was sheer perfection. What a blessed Mama and Daddy you two are!! Wish I’d been there.

  13. Dana says:

    And like Christmas, instead of it being the hardest day, it was one of the best!

    My thoughts exactly! What an awesome day / celebration!

  14. kimberley says:

    What an amazing writer you are, you have allowed us to be “there” and share Andrews Birthday Celebration and what an Honorable celebration it was. I can see the 3 boys carrying the tree for their beloved friend and teacher, Glan Croi !!! You have given those boy’s precious memories and through you an understanding of what love truly means. They will carry that with them forever, what a gift. Again I am in AWE of your amazing family. So, glad you all had a Magical Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Leo says:

    Dear Connie,
    I am so glad the weather cooperated as an amazing oasis and setting for Andrew’s birthday. I feel like I was there because you wrote so vividly.
    Many blessings!
    It’s all good!

  16. admin says:

    Well, I’ve added a few more details to the post that I forgot to mention. I know! Hard to believe I could’ve left anything out! But I did! I thought about making you read the post again to see if you can find them but that’s just mean. You caught me on an off mean day! LOL

    I added that Wesley did not write a message on a heart for the tree but instead wrote a personal message to Andrew and tied it to a smiley face balloon and let it go.

    I added that Martin told the boys when they said about “doin a line” of Andrew “Do you really want Andrew in your head making you all positive and liking people??!” Now that’s really funny!

    I added how when I was going outside with the lap top & Andrew’s pic, that Andrew opened the front door and went out with me. Everybody saw that one happen. The door just opened as I came up to it.

    I added EVERY WAY with Swati’s big a$$ heart :-D

    I think that is all. I’m so glad you were able to feel like you were there. I wanted you to feel the beautiful energy of the day. I wish you all could have been there. So I tried to so the next best thing.

    You are right Kimberly, Andrew has had a profound effect on his young friends. I know they will be better men for having known him!

    Martin has resized 60 of the 90 pics so far. They will be in the gallery here probably under media in a day or 2.

    Thank you all sharing our day with us!!!


  17. Leila says:

    I was there (in spirit) and I felt there again by your deeply moving written discription. It brought tears and laughter. What a beautiful, honoring, joyful celebration!!!! Thank you!

    I posted last night then *poof* it was gone-by then my sea salt bath was ready and after I was just a puddle.

  18. admin says:

    Thank you Leila!

    I also added that we gave Andrew a champagne glass by the trunk of the tree with some wine in it and it is still there. You will see it in the pics.

  19. Leila says:

    “I also added that we gave Andrew a champagne glass by the trunk of the tree with some wine in it and it is still there. You will see it in the pics. ”

    First of all…I can’t believe the knomes & faeries didn’t drink it! LOL
    and where are the pics????

    Love & hugs

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