that Martin can’t sing Andrew’s songs in an Irish pub with a full bar. Lesson learned. We had the cd release party at the Irish Rover because we figured we would know people there. After all, they were so good to us when Andrew was in the hospital and they knew us and loved Martin’s singing. BUT the only people there that knew us were the few, of the many people we invited, Bobby the owner, and Mike the bodrham player. Even Bobby said he didn’t know anybody and found the crowd to be a tough one. So the other 100 odd people had no clue who we were and pretty much didn’t care. When Martin went up, the chatter in the place was loud and the mic Martin had wasn’t that good, couldn’t hear the guitar that well, Martin was a bit off due to the energy. It was not Martin’s most shinging moment, as he put it.

These songs are a high vibration and need to be performed in the right environment, like where people are there to see us specifically, not as filler. If the Rover still had the open mics on Sundays like they use to, that would have been a great time and place to have the party. At least we did touch a few of the peoples’ hearts there. I saw a few woman with their hand on their heart while Martin sang. One of women came up after and wanted to see Andrew’s picture up close. She could feel his energy from it. You can’t help but feel Andrew’s energy from the 16×22 canvas of him. Since it was Martin AND Andrew’s music cd, I felt it was only fair to have Andrew’s picture there with us. So I put it on our table. Martin did sell 2 cd’s to people we didn’t know before he even went up, so that was great. He then sold 4 more after he sang.

The cake came out incredible! It was very cool what they did. They not only put the cd cover on the cake, they added clouds in the sky, a couple of shamrock rings, and they actually found my past life portrait on here and put it on the front and sides of the cake. It was a shame to eat the cake. It was like eating art.

It was also very cool that most of the people that showed up for us were from the leads club we recently joined. I was surprised.

While you can’t help but have a good time in an Irish pub with Irish sing songs, now we know, note to self, we only do Andrew’s songs in the right environment where people are there to listen to us. ;-) It’s the only way to get the full vibration of these songs.

Ok Leah, you can take a break from writing your little ditties…. for a little while anyway. :-D


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  1. Karen T. says:

    I listened to part of the cd on the way back from Apollo Beach to drop the sitter off and I say what a loss for those 100 or so that didn’t care to listen!

  2. Leah Clark says:

    Well, now you’ve done the first one, got that out of the way. It will only strengthen your edge for the next one. And I’ll bet that the people who were there felt different on their way home but didn’t know why. :)

    On to the next gig!!!! GO TEAM JORDAN!!!!

  3. admin says:

    Martin said that everyone will have at least one song that will speak to them and I don’t think you heard him when he said to you Karen that #5 would be your song.

    We are gearing up “TEAM JORDAN!” Martin sez we may have to change it to TEAM PUREHEART OR TEAM GLAN CROI. Hey, I don’t care what it’s called as long as we have a freaking team!! When Martin played the songs during the day for me, it brought tears to my eyes, they were so beautiful and fun. I was so looking forward to that night thinking all those that loved seeing Martin perform and waiting for the cd would be there. Oh well, like you said Leah, upward and onward to the next REAL gig!

  4. Swati says:

    [quote]And I’ll bet that the people who were there felt different on their way home but didn’t know why.[/quote] I totally agree with Leah on that one!

  5. Karen T. says:

    I heard #5, but didn’t know what he meant. Now I do and will be listening to it tomorrow….ahem, later today. I got through #3 on my way home from Apollo Beach and then got a call.

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