Ok, more like water on, water off. Andrew was definitely in a playful mood at the Orange Co airport on our way home. I’m guessing he knew we were going to get stuck and wanted to lighten us up before hand. Yea, I still want to smack him for not being able to make better arrangements for us! Staying ALL night at the Atlanta airport is not appropriate for the parents of an Avatar IMO! That’s all I’m saying.

Martin went to the bathroom at the Orange Co airport while we waited for our flight. SO as he is standing at the urinal he feels this energy behind him. A peeper ghost perhaps? ;-) He then hears the water run at a sink to his right, he turns to see who it is, no one is there and it stops. He then hears water run at a sink to his left and he turns again to check and no one is there and it stops when he turns around to check. Martin then hears Andrew laughing. Andrew didn’t say anything, just having a bit of fun.

I go to the bathroom a little later and as I am at the sink washing my hands, the sink next to me goes off out of the blue. I said “Andrew, you shouldn’t be in the ladies room!” He replies, “No one can see me Pretty Mama and I’m not peeking.” LOL Fair enough I thought.

I was having a missing Muck moment in Hawaii while in our room alone. As I was thinking about how much I missed Andrew, the light beside me goes off, then a few moments later it went on. Never had a problem with it from then on. I checked the bulb and it was in tight. I think he really wanted to make his presence known to me. I know he doesn’t like it when I get upset about his leaving. Then he shouldn’t have left I say! I know Swati agrees with me!

Andrew had Martin add up all the seats on our last flight home to pass the time. It’s funny the things he makes Martin do. So Martin just adds them up and the total of seats?? 222! In Angel numbers that means that the seeds you have planted are starting to sprout and come to fruition. Not to Mention Andrew has 2’s all around him.

Now here’s an IIAGD story. The hostess of the psychic party we did Friday night(11/14) told me this one. At the last party we did before we left, I was handing out fliers for IIAGD. Donna went on to tell me that she woke up one day and just felt this amazing peace. She noticed that she felt good ALL day long. Her daughter was having an issue with something that day and Donna told her that it would be fine and “It’s All Good.” She never says that! When she looked in her purse later she found my flier and realized the date was Oct 22!! She then realized why she felt so good. I told her that Andrew blesses those that have been good to us. She felt that. I love the way Andrew touches those that have reached out to us. He is amazing!


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2 Responses to WAX ON WAX OFF!

  1. Dana says:

    Oooo….very coolio stories Connie! And I find myself saying (silently) ‘It’s All Good!’ and then I think of Andrew and thank him! Tis better than the flair that my daughter sent to me: ‘The urge to scream tells me I must be at work!’ True! ;)

  2. Swati says:

    [quote]Then he shouldn’t have left I say! I know Swati agrees with me![/quote] LOL! You said exactly what I was about to say when I read the lines before this one!

    About IIAGD, you remember I had posted on the 22nd on the ATP board about how good I was feeling and I had no clue why I felt that way? Sometime in the middle of the day it had slipped mind that it was IAGD. And then you came and reminded me it was the 22nd! LOL!

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