Well, our Chrissy is here and our Andrew has been having fun! We came home and nuttin much going on other than one set of lights I have up, were acting up. No fairy light on to welcome our Chrissy home. I had a word with Muck about that one. I was like “Dude! WTH!?”

Things started happenin in the middle of the night! Like Chrissy got up to use the bathroom after she forgot to turn off her 4am alarm on her cell. She heard the tv on and thought our Marts was up watching tv. But nope! Then Martin got up around 6:30am and he heard the tv on and thought I had gotten up to cool off in the living room earlier and left it on. But NOPE! I kept my over heated body, w/two fans blowing one, in bed the whole night trying to think cool thoughts. The interesting thing is not just the tv being turned on all by it’s self, ;-) but the show that was on when Martin got up. It was not only Martin and Andrew’s fav show when Andrew was a little, but their fav episode of Blue’s Clues with Steve! That’s not the channel we had it on when we went to bed and the volume was down, but not when Chrissy and Martin heard it! Then when Chrissy got up for real, the fairy light was on! Busy guy our Muck. ;-)

Chrissy and I went to Elatia’s job on the water, The Salty Dog. While there I was telling her about Andrew’s latest antics with Martin’s readings. Then I remembered another one of his antics that I forgot to blog about. Andrew had a habit of answering a question you asked him so authoritatively, like he really knew the answer, and when you asked him “really?” He’d say “I don’t know,” with that big grin of his. LOL SO I knew I could not trust all of his answers. Even asking him what time it was. He’d give you a time like he really knew it and it wasn’t even close! LMAO

So when Martin asked Andrew for a number of weeks or a date for his client, Andrew quickly says, “14!” Martin knew he was pulling one of his antics by the way he reacted, he shrugged and said, “That’s all I got Daddy.” LOL

I then went on to explain to Chrissy about the whole garage sale, stationary bike, tennis racket, kayak story. We also shared a few sick jokes and stories that were politically incorrect to laugh at, but do anyway cause that’s what we do. As we leave The Salty Dog, there was an accident and I start laughing. Chrissy thought it was something about the accident, which it was not, just so you know. It was what I saw coming up behind us that made me laugh. It was a truck carrying a bunch of kayaks! LOL SO we had a good laugh at that.

Then as we were sitting at the red light, the kayak truck came up beside us, then moved ahead of us in the lane beside us. I looked at the amount of kayaks and started counting them, there was more than I thought. I counted them and 3, 6, 9, 12,……14! Chrissy starts laughing, which is when it dawns on me! So we both started LOAO realizing that our Muck was with us like old times…in the new way. It’s times like these that help me cope.

BTW, Water Boot Ye, is Belfast greeting for, What about you? ;-) Look at that, you even learned some Belfast lingo today.

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4 Responses to WATER BOOT YE OUR KID!

  1. Karen T. says:

    I was just picturing the Salty Dog earlier while posting some pics from January and February and I come here to read that you were out there. Yay for you and having Chrissy here.

    I love the latest stuff Andrew is pulling. Btw, what Blue’s Clue’s episode is it? We have a few here.

    And I just found out this morning that Zach can count to 14 when I only thought he was making it to 8. It’s great to get surprised by stuff he’s learned with his other 2 teachers. And the kayak thing was awesome!

  2. Swati says:

    LOL!!! He’s awesome with signs!

  3. admin says:

    Martin’s fav Blue’s Clue’s is the Thanksgiving one. I was looking at your pics and was going to comment how the one w/u and kids looked like you were going to dump the bodies! Zack’s face was covered as he laid there sleeping and Aly sleeping in your arms I believe.

    It’s been quiet since that night of the tv. I’m sure there will be more later in the week.

  4. Karen T. says:

    It was just freezing that night. That was the same night as the dolphin sighting! Zach is warm blooded and was enjoying the ride, but Aly was so cold she just snuggled up ans closed her eyes.

    I don’t remember the Thanksgiving episode. Hmmm…will be checking it out in November.

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