WARNING! Objects Are More Intense Then They Appear!

That is what we are finding out the more we put ourselves out there with the work that we do with Andrew/PureHeart.

People like the idea of being our friends or working with us. They see how happy we are, our positive energy, and the fact that we laugh A LOT, even after losing our son. People love being in our home, as modest as it is, because of the energy. But what we are finding is that some people tend to drop like flies if they are in our energy for any length of time. You can’t be around us and be sitting in your shit, that is one thing I know for sure! Because if you are, and you’re trying to hide it, the PureHeart energy will shine a big ole bright light on it and bring it up in your face to deal with! It’s not something we do consciously, it just sorta happens. People that are authentic and don’t hide behind any facades, do just fine in our energy.

The big ole light is for your own good and spiritual growth, but a lot of people prefer the status quo, or as I like to put it, enjoying the view from INSIDE their colon. That one may take a second, think about it, you’ll get it.

For instance, on Martin’s blog when he wrote about how many Lightworkers are dung beetles. They just love pushing their dung around and will even fight to keep it if another beetle tries to take it! Sounds funny, I know, but that is what we have witnessed time and time again!

Of course we have also heard the all to played out, “but it’s hard!” No shit! Healing old dysfunctional patterns of generations past, so you can be a better person is hard! It’s effin hard! We know! We’ve actually done the work! Dealing with the grief over losing the physical presence of your child is REALLY effin hard! We…know…hard!

We are finding that the PureHeart energy is just too intense for some people. It’s one thing to have a session with Martin and PureHeart because people want the healing, they are open to it, but to actually try and be around in this energy all of the time? A lot of people don’t have the “chutzpah” for it. I guess because Martin and I raised this energy, our son now called PureHeart, and we helped his energy move on to his Higher purpose, we don’t feel the intensity of it like most people do. It just feels normal for us. Then again we have always done the work to heal old patterns that aren’t working for us. We don’t try to hide them, push them down, pretend they don’t exist, we face them head on and DEAL with them. *gasp* What a concept!

Does that make us perfect? NOPE! Not even a little bit. We will be healing stuff the rest of our lives, especially the grief over losing Andrew’s beautiful physical presence at 16yo. Healing is a life long healing process, I realized that in my early 20’s when I had a wee melt down at work one night. Nothing major like collapsing on the floor in a puddle of my own tears and snotters, nothing Oscar worthy. Just some tears over a tv news piece about a daycare in Miami abusing the children there, it really got to me. It hurt me to think that these kids had gone through similar abuse that I did. I was devastated for them. I thought when I had healed a lot of my childhood abuse, no one else would have to go through it again. Oh if it only worked that way! I was young and naive.

That is when I realized healing is done in layers, and over time, and that’s ok, as long as we heal them as they bubble to the surface. Let’s face it, if we tried to heal everything all at once, we’d explode! But if we try to push them down and try to ignore them, they will pop up in the most creative of ways. That I promise you!

One of the many things I have learned about healing is, the past is NOT the past until you heal it! Pretending it never happened just sets you up to repeat it over and over and over and over and over (am I making my point?) again.

Soooo, if you want to hang around with us or work with us, be prepared to heal! And if you’re not ready, then WARNING! The objects are more intense than they appear!


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2 Responses to WARNING! Objects Are More Intense Then They Appear!

  1. So very true Connie…I’m trying every day to heal those old patterns.

  2. admin says:

    Those patterns can sneak up on ya! That is fo sho! I’ll think I’ve healed one, then Booya! Crrrap! There is another piece to it. *sigh* Once I realized that life really is a healing process, I made peace with it. Now when an issue comes up, I have the tools to heal it and move on a lot quicker now. Having a Master Teacher son on the other side helps to move things along quicker too. It also bring things up quicker! Oy! lol It’s not easy, but it’s worth all the hard work.

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