Andrew is still IV pole free!! WOO HOO!! :belly :dog He bounces outta bed to get what he wants and go potty. I found him cleaning up the room so I decided we needed to sneak out for a walk! :lol His ANC#’s are only 50 (remember they need to b 1500-1800) & he’s suppose to NOT leave his room becuase he is high risk for infection. :\

So I told him to put on a mask and gloves and we’ll sneak out! So with Mission Impossible music playin in my head we look to the left & we look to the right & we slink outta the room.

He’s walking so well! Even tho his heal still is sore, the foot pillows he wears really work! We see people we know and they say “WOW Andrew! haven’t seen u up at all!” We say SHHHHHH! we’re sneaking out! :lol Mission Impossible music again as we make our way down a hall.. :lol

We get more daring and walk right by the nurses station! M.I. music playing faster now! :lol BUT our nurse was no where to be found so we’re in the clear because the other nurses don’t know he’s not suppose to be roaming around! They only care if you’re in their charge! :D *phew* I introduce him to a family we met the last time we were here. They r career hospital goers. :D

We meet Martin coming up the hall. Imagine his surprise! :eek Martin asked if we were given permission to come out. Whose the Wise One now?? :lol We stroll around some more & found a play room. Andrew and I played air hockey. Almost beat him too! He even ripped his glove playing!! :rollin Geez give a kid alittle platelets and he’s a lean mean playing machine! :lol Well, that wore him out, he worked up a sweat so we headed back to his room but not b 4 I first made him pose for a picture of him at the elevators looking like he was making his not so fast get a way. :lol :lol He wouldn’t pose the way I wanted him to tho! :\ Party poop! :lol

I thought he said I was making fun of the way he looked. Who me?? I said “I did not!” Altho it’s not beneath me mind you! :rollin :lol He said “NO, u could make fun of me to make the blog more interesting.” You’d know he’s our kid! It’s all about the comedy! :-) He’s always thinking of others! He’s a giver! :lol He then sez “C’mon look at me! I have blue gloves on, a mask and I look bald!” I said fair enough, you like someone from The Blue Man Group that got the boot and now works at a nuclear plant!” :lol :lol  Hmmm didn’t have to think long on that one! :b He said “Now that’s more like it! People will want to keep coming back!” :LOL2

We have a room mate AGAIN! :( :( :( and it’s a baby! I know, the Angels r going awwwww! No awwwww no awwww stop it! Do u even know what babies who r sick do? That’s right! They cry!! Like I’m about to do! Ok, Anthony really hasn’t been bad but Andrew is always on the playstation so he monopolizes the tv and there’s only one comfortable chair for Martin and I to fight over. Ok, so it’s me doing all the crying!! BAAAA WAAAAAAA :lol :lol

You know what else babies do? they POOP in their pants!! :eek Ok, so Andrew has had an accident here and there but we were alone in the room…most of the time! :D All of a sudden there’s a pungent aroma in the room and Andrew & I look at each other with that look “was that you??” :lol Then it dawned on us who & what it was. Andrew and I fight over the Renuzit he has on his table, the one where u lift the lid a little or a lot. Hey, when it comes to poo every man for himself I say! I told Andrew “Quit bogarting the Renuzit dammit! Pass it over here I want a hit!!” :rollin :rollin :rollin

So that was our day! :D Still no word on the bone marrow biopsy. I’m not complaining because it’s another day I don’t have to deal w/results! Woo Hooooo :dance

:blowkiss :blowkiss :blowkiss :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE

Magickal Blessings!

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