Walk This Way

With my job at Olive Garden, I don’t get to tap into Andrew’s energy like I use to at my other job. My other job was mindless, how much brain power does it take to clean tables, not a lot. Olive Garden keeps me on my toes. I don’t have time to let my mind wander. There’s a lot to remember and loads to do. Especially when people think the unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks is an eating contest! But today I was able to take a moment to connect with Andrew. It was actually slow today, even by my standards, which was odd for a Friday, but I enjoyed it.

Andrew being somewhat of a Monty Python fan because his dad is, decided to do some classic Python with me today. I was walking to the kitchen, I tend to walk fast because my little chicken legs aren’t that long and I have to move fast at work. Andrew’s long stride was my jog when we would go for walks. So I decide to tap into his energy because I had nothing pressing going on and could take the time, and when I do, I see Andrew doing the Python “Silly Walk” behind me! It made me laugh, it made me feel good. He looked so damn funny! Then I heard, “Keep walking Mommy!” I think he was having fun following me. I was laughing out loud, thank goodness no one was around, well, I don’t think anyone was around anyway.


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