Side note first. Didn’t think Wes was coming up for the week but he actually arrived up here on Friday and never came by until tonight (Sunday.) Sooooo not feeling the love! He just went back to grandma’s and sez he might be over tomorrow, dunno what that is all about. But anyway, if I’m not on the computer much that is why, Wes has commondeered it.

As a lot of you know, we took Wesley to Universal for his first time for his 15th b-day. BUT it was also to throw Martin off the track that his sister and brother in law were flying in to surprise him. They flew into Orlando and I needed an excuse why we were going to Orlando. Universal seemed like a good idea. Martin loves going there and Wesley had never been.

Keeping this secret for months has been a nightmare! I have had to come up with so many stories for why I needed to do certain things or needed certain things done, I think I could be a spy now! Spies R US! Although I was running out of stories. AnneMarie and Tony flew in on St Paddy’s Day and wanted to surprise him then. I told her that I couldn’t come up with an excuse as to why I’d be gone for 5 hrs on St Paddy’s Day. Wes suggested I tell him I was getting my Keratin treatment, it takes about 5 hours along w/a color. I told him that would be fine until Lori, my hair dresser, shows up at the Rover. My idea was to have them get a hotel when they arrived and we’d come up Wednesday because we were going to Universal and we were getting a hotel…or were we? ;-)
After much going back and forth with ideas, they got a hotel and then Wed at Universal is what we decided to do. On our way to Orlando, I told Martin that I was surprising him w/a hotel so we could relax after a day at Universal. He bought it. He is so easy! I needed an excuse as to why we were going to a hotel before Universal. When I told people what we were doing they would say, “But he’s psychic.” I informed them,”Yea, but he’s a guy first so unless they are dead, he won’t have a clue!” AND he didn’t.

We were running a little late because the hotel gave us inaccurate directions. Elatia is following me w/Chrissy while we have Wes. Elatia and I were talking on the phone at a red light trying to figure out where the hell we were going when I get distracted by a chocolate chip cookie crumb in my car, a rather large crumb I might add. But it was too hard to eat so I chucked it out the window. Yes, I did try to eat it. Elatia sez to me “FOCUS MOM!” Well, I was getting hungry!
We finally get there and Martin is grabbing all his crap out of the car. I was going to ask him why but then I remembered he thought we were checking in before Universal. Oh the tangle web we weave. We get into the lobby and AnneMarie & Tony are NOT there! I was startled for a moment thinking “what the hell do I do now??!” As I was going to go up to the desk and ask them to pretend to check me in, AnneMarie and Tony walked in. *phew* Martin stares at AnneMarie and has no reaction! He doesn’t recognize her! Abuh??!! What? :-0 I’m staring at him now wondering if he was having a stroke or when the penny was going to drop, when it finally does. All he could say was “OMG! OMG! OMG!” He was stunned! I pulled it off! *blows on nails and polishes on chest* Who da man? I’m da man!
We have quick group hugs because we need to be off to Universal after all. Martin then asks me as we were driving to Universal, “So we are not staying at the hotel?” I replied, “Nope, it was all a lie so we could pull this surprise off.” He said, “You are waaaay to good a this!” ;-) *evil laugh!*
We had a fantabulous day at Universal. The Mummy ride is outrageous! Went on that twice. Have the picks of me freakin out on it.  Have to post them somewhere here. They are on my facebook page. When I try to post them on myspace it kicks me off firefox, dunno what that is about. We had a great time with the camera. We have very inappropriate pics of Wes with animal statues. I believe we have said pics of Elatia too. Yea, we are just not into the run of the mill picture taking. :-D Now we did get a very cool pic with an orb in it that looks like it was the moon. I mean it is HUGE! Hmmm wonder who that could be?

I noticed an interesting thing driving to Orlando on I-4. Every time I looked at an exit# it was either 22 (of course), 33, 44, 55, 77. It was really odd, all Angel #’s.

22’s: ideas you have planted are starting to sprout.

33’s: The Ascended Masters are teaching you the ancient wisdom of manifesting

44’s: The Angels are around you.

55’s: Please hold on to the bar, big changes are coming. (u know how I feel about that one, it better be good!)

77’s: Adda boy/girl you are on the right track. Keep up the great work!

I just found that interesting that it happened on the way up and on the way back.

We had a great day at Universal and Wes got to stay with us until Sunday March 22. He was here 5 days with us and then came up the following weekend as well. Not this weekend though. :-( I know he really had a great time hanging with us. I know AnneMarie, Tony and Chrissy enjoyed him being here. He’s got the same sense of humor as Andrew. While he’s not Andrew, he’s a teenage boy and it was nice to have one around to hang with. I’m sure it’s the same for Wes, we are not Andrew, but are the next best thing.

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  1. Leah Clark says:

    OMG – where is everybod?
    We need some stalkers,
    C’mon you fockers,
    Show your whiny hineys on this blog!
    Or we might have to kidnap yer dog!
    Water boot yer kid
    She’s gonna flip her lid
    If we don’t see yer hineys
    On this BLOOOOOOGGGG!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Very good Leah! Think it’ll work? It’s been purdy quiet around here even w/me blogging.

    Hey! Whenever you, Swati or anybody has something new to share, like a new piece of jewelry or song, let us know here then put it on the forum with the link so it doesn’t get lost. I don’t always get the message/bulletins on FB or MS or the ATP board.

  3. Karen T. says:

    LOL Leah!!!

  4. Denise says says:

    Go Leah LOL I am here, don’t kidnap my bird!!!although Connie would have liked that when I was staying there!!! LOL

  5. Swati says:

    LOL!!! I’m here!! Just don’t kidnap my cat, ok? Kidnap everyone else in my family but the cat! :-P

  6. admin says:

    No one wants that bird Denise! Unless he comes with some kind of sauce, he’s safe enough!

    The cat is safe enough too Swati…well from me anyways, not a cat person in the slightest! Now here’s an idea, Denise has got some food for your cat! ROFLMAO! But seriously, she does!

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