On Andrew’s birthday Martin did a his own set on the break at the Irish Rover. He did 3 songs from his and Andrew’s music cd. As Martin was singing the songs Andrew gave him, I closed my eyes so I could see Andrew up there playing beside his Dad, because I just knew that’s what was really going on up there on stage. I closed my eyes and just let the images float into my mind’s eye. Andrew had his usual camo shorts, black shirt, no matter how much I tried to see him in something else, it was that outfit I kept seeing him in. He also had his green Guild guitar from John Denver. Andrew was up there rocking out right at his Dad’s side. It felt good to “see” my 2 men, my 2 peas in a pod, rockin out together.

After we got home Martin told me how Andrew was up there playing with him. I told him that I knew that, I saw that too. But he got to experience more! While Martin was up there playin with Andrew, he heard Andrew harmonizing with him. He said Andrew’s voice is so incredible. I know that his voice was incredible when he was here but I guess it is even more so now. Martin said it was an amazing experience to be up there not only playin with Andrew but also hearing him sing with him. Wish I could’ve heard that! Another goal to work on. *sigh*

It was yet another good birthday celebration for our Muck since he left this plane.


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