I must’ve had a good sleep yesterday because I’m still going!! :-)

I mentioned b 4 about Andrew talking to his cells everyday. What makes him so different is that he puts into play the 2 ears and 1 mouth theory that Martin is always talking to his clients about. Andrew doesn’t only talk to his cells but he LISTENS as well!! By listening to them, Andrew really is creating a recipe for success! What an amazing husband he will be someday waaaay in the future eh??

I know many people talk to their bodies but how many listen?? ANd how many wait till something is wrong b 4 they start talking to their bodies? I think that’s why meditation is so important, it’s a chance to tap in to yourself, your body, your soul. Something Andrew has done to tee!

Everything has energy. I mean everything! If we would only take the time to listen you will hear it. The plants, the trees, the rocks, the crystals…EVERYTHING! Martin has conversations w/ALL living creatures, ants, wasps, palmetto bugs, rocks, crystals, you name it he’ll talk to it! LOL

We honor the elementals in our yard. Yup! That’s right! We have fairies and a leprechaun, Seamus in our yard! My daughter has heard them! We like to offer food to the fairies, especially at Thanksgiving. Elatia went out to bring them some food and she went to go right and she heard “NO! Over here!” :-) Andrew blessed the turkey and thanked the turkey and the turkey said “thank you for honoring me.” Think what u like but it makes life a heck of a lot more interesting & FUN!! 

Next year we will be holding a fairy workshop for International Fairy Fest Day that Doreen Virtue is promoting! I look forward to it!!

Can you imagine the kind of world we could have if we stopped and used our ears more than our mouths less?? If we honored ALL living things (ok the bugs r still getting my shoe if they come into the house. Let’s not get crazy w/this!) Our children are our greatest teachers, especially now. More so than ever b 4!! They are gifted and incredibly wise and r here to raise the vibration of our planet if we quit medicating them long enough!

So next time u r in your yard take the time to listen and see what happens!! You might be nicely surprised!



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