No, this isn’t about any hot looking vampires :-) but instead it’s about that time of the morning when we are between dimensions, the twilight of sleep in the morning. It is such a great time to connect with the Other Side. The ego is still sleeping.

Martin woke up slightly this morning and noticed that our bed had actually extended width wise and Andrew was laying on it beside me, on his side, facing me with his hands under his face. I remember him doing that when I would read to him in the hospital. He also had an orange aura around him, not sure what that means. Martin asked him telepathically, as not to break the connection he had with Andrew, “How’s it going?” Andrew said “Good, how’s it going with you Daddy?” Martin then asked, “What are you looking at?” Andrew replied, “I’m looking at the prettiest woman in the world.” Martin said, “Me too.” Then Martin fell back to sleep. It’s nice to know that I had my 2 favorite men lying beside me this morning.

As we know our TLO’s will send us songs, Andrew loves to do that. I have been wanting to hear Owl City’s  “Fireflies.” I was just asking Andrew the other day to play it for me. Martin and I both felt that Andrew sent us that song when we heard it separately. It’s whimsical and random, like our Muck. ;-) It is the energy of the song that makes us think of him and feel Andrew’s energy with us. So today as we were driving to the Irish Rover “Fireflies” came on! That is when Martin remembered the story of what happened this morning. Andrew played the song at the perfect time! It was worth the wait!
I LOVE my men! They really do love & watch over me.


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