Martin has an infinity for useless information. So he was on a hunt for some new useless info to fill his pretty lil head with, and also to share, so a googling he did go. I don’t know, is there websites just for useless info? Apparently there is.

So he was looking up on how the word “gun” started being used for weapons. See? Useless information. Not sure why he found the origin of the word gun fascinating enough to look up, but he did. As he starts his hunt, he hears Andrew telling him, “I know Daddy!” Martin said, “oh yea? Tell me then,” half believing him but still googling the info. Andrew continues, “It comes from the African Goddess of war, Gun.” So as Martin goes to ask him “really?” He feels Andrew’s energy disappear which is the equivalent to him running away & hiding! LMAO As I have mentioned before, Andrew would answer questions we’d ask him with such authority, like he really knew the answer and he’d be totally making it up! Right down to asking him the time. We’d always LOAO when he’d do it because he sounded so confident he knew the answer.

Martin knew Andrew was pulling one of his stunts when he pulled the disappearing act. Much to Martin’s surprise, Andrew was actually correct about one thing, there really is a “Gun,” African Goddess of War, pretty impressive I have to say, but that is not where the use of the word gun came from. I googled it and found this, “This word for a firearm most likely comes from a Scandinavian woman’s name.” “It it has been suggested by Professor W. W. Skeat that it conceals a female name, Gunnilde or Gunhilda.”

It’s weird that Andrew actually had some info right. Usually he’d make the answer ALL up! LOL It’s good to see our Muck still up to his old tricks! :-D


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    Seems like with Witchy Woman for his mum, it’d be “Broom-hilda”… bwaaahahahaaaa…. good thing I amuse myself, huh? LOL!

  2. admin says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yea it is a good thing! LOL

  3. Swati says:

    Sorry I’ve been absconding…been in the grouchiest of moods ever and didn’t want to spread the “joy”. lol! ((((hugs))))

  4. admin says:

    yea, haven’t had a lot of joy to spread myself of late either. But Andrew’s friend, Daniel is here now for 10 days or so, so that will help me tremendously! Haven’t seen Wes since Muck’s b-day in May. :-( He’s spent his summers up here for years, now he’s just tossed us aside & going down a road that is only going to lead him into trouble. :-(

    Sitting here lonely, with nothing to do just sends me spiraling into despair. No energy to try & get something going again. Have just been feeling like the life has been sucked outta me yet again. I hate this! BUT for the next 10 days things should be better.

  5. Swati says:

    Just saw Andrew’s pictures in your FB album…and I am sitting here speechless. Feeling sad to the core…especially seeing those baby pictures and thinking, who knew this would happen. And all kinds of other thoughts. And yet, at the same time, wanting to laugh at the funny ones, like Andrew in his towel turning back and looking at Martin, and your comment about his butt. LOL! I am not related to him, and didn’t even know him, and still feel this so much :-( …I shudder to even begin to think what you go through each day. This is just not fair. Maybe its very “unspiritual” or “unevolved” of me to think this way…but I don’t care…this is how I feel…this just wasn’t fair. And if this really had to be done, then someone up there needs to make it easy for you to astral travel and meet Andrew anytime you want to.

  6. admin says:

    I am so feelin ya Swati! I was IMing someone from HS last night on FB. Hadn’t seen him in 30yrs. He said that Andrew’s pics touched him in such a profound way, he had to come to our concert to feel it in person. Coming to the concert he realized it was for real. He wasn’t even on this journey w/us from the beginning, and he could feel the energy from Andrew. SO for people like you, that have been on this journey from day 1 are psychic, you really feel Andrew. You know Andrew is powerful if people that aren’t really tapped into their psychic side feel him.

    Those pics that Cassie sent, she is 9 months older than Muck, just blew me away. I was excited to see it but yearned to have him in my arms again. The thought of carrying this grief w/me the rest of my life is overwhelming. Cassie is Tammy the Tall’s daughter. We spent a night at this 4 star hotel when I performed in Palm Desert back in May, 07. We had such a blast! The kids had a gr8 time while I was performing then we all hung out together at the pool afterward, then room service, then breakfast buffet in the morn. It was just brilliant! I felt like a metaphysical rock star. Never did I think my world would come crashing down around me just a few months later!

    It still gets so overwhelming for me that I can’t stand being in my skin. I do ok when I am busy w/the concerts but I’ve been sitting at home doin nothing & that is when it gets overwhelming & I feel like the life is just being sucked outta me. I can’t help but wonder why I have to stay with nothing happening. I feel like I’m just wasting my time here.

    BUT! Today Martin shared with me his journey last night & I have to write it down so neither of us forget it. Not sure if I will be posting it or not yet, but I will be writing it down.

    Martin met w/his counsel & got some more answers. Andrew was there, my Master Guide, ArieAnna, & Elatia’s counsel were there. It is pretty high level stuff & very very cool. It sounds like something right out of Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings…actually a cross between the 2. SO writing this down and letting it sink in will carry me for a wee while, plus Daniel being here helps. I enjoy the slight break from the intense grief when I can.

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