That would best describe Andrew today. In a very conquering mood! I think he is plotting his diabolical plan for taking over of the world!! (Sorry Jeremy, I think he’s planning this one alone! LOL) Maybe even the Universe! :-) He’s in a conquering kind of mood!

On to our day!! He was a bit cranky when I first arrived but that didn’t last long! He was then full of piss and vinegar! :lol Maybe it was the fact he was looking forward to having visitors. My mother and niece were coming up. Now you know I have to set the stage for this one. Last time, my mother looked like a giant Life Savor. But not this time! Not because people laughed at her & pointed, on no! She made sure she had another outfit that was just as point and laugh worthy this time too!

As you may or may not know, I have a co-dependant long haired weiner dog that I treat like my baby. He is about 8 lbs give or take a few ounces. My mother has an even MORE co-dependant tank of a weiner dog who weighs 80 lbs! OK, I kid, (my mother will have a fit when she reads this on my blog. A thump is sure to follow when I see her again) Hans weighs 25 lbs. give or take a few pounds. Apparently he’s losing weight again. (I hear that one all of the time :rolleyes ) He also gets the love and care me and my sister shoulda gotten when we were kids!! But we’re not bitter….ok maybe we are just a little!:-) Anyways, where was I going with this…..

Oh yea, my mother’s get up. We are weiner dog people. Soooooo she wears her “I Love Weiners” :eek t-shirt (there’s nothing like a middle aged, bandana wearing woman saying she loves weiners! Note to self, must look into possibly being adopted :-)  )  w/ a “muscular” (Hans was never fat, just muscular..whatever! he had road rash on his stomach for chrissakes!)weiner dog on the front. SHe put paw prints all over the shirt. But the piece of resistance? (In my best French accent if that helps at all of how I want that to sound :\ am I even close to spelling that right?? probably not) Her famous Nanabandana Springsteen head gear, a bandana with paw prints all over that she BOUGHT that way! She didn’t even make it! PLUS the crowing piece, a weiner dog pin on said Nanabandana!!:lol :lol

YUP! SHe had the points and laughs AGAIN! Shocking I know! :lol And they didn’t even get to hear the funny story about how she vacuumed her head!! That’s right! My mother vacuums her head! ANd she talks about it like it’s normal!! Oh yea! My niece was feverishly writing! She keeps checking to see if my mother has alzheimers so she keeps notes on her odd behavior!:rollin :rollin  Boy, when I add my family into the mix I really do have a book here! :lol :lol :lol

Andrew encourages my mother’s behavior. :x I think he is drunk with power now! :lol People will do anything (obviously) to make him happy. Yea, I’m beginning to see why Andrew is calling this an opportunity! ;) :lol

Andrew was in such a great mood! SOmeone gave him a $50 ck. just for him. Only took him a 1/2 hour to spend it on Ebay! SO that made his day. My neice brought him a hat that sez “Life Is A Game I Never Want To Stop Playing” Very cool. He has eaten more today than he has in a very long time. No vomiting, no sore throat just pure enjoyment! He scoffed down a grilled chicken sandwich, it didn’t even have a chance when he got a hold of it, &  he had some baked beans. He was a lean mean eating machine! Who would think that this would be something I would appreciate so much & consider it such a big deal as seeing my 16 yr. old son eat! That’s all 16 yr olds do! It just made me feel so good. It’s funny because the Dr keeps asking if he has a sore throat because he has spots back there. ANd he sez no. He knows he has a few sores in his mouth but I guess with what he had before this is nothing. We’re just praying it stays this way and gets better from here.

My sister came by her usual 9:30p.m ish and he got his foot and leg massage. See?? Drunk with power I tell ya. :lol We can’t get nothing! That’s when he sez “Are you healing leukemia?? I don’t think so!” :lol I’m tellin ya he’s drunk with it! He’s pulling that leukemia card every chance he gets now.:p Of course later he thanks Martin and I for putting up with him. Dammit! He knows how to play this game well!! :lol Ahhhh I raised this “Grasshopper” well! :lol

I noticed tonight he’s starting to lose hair on his legs. SO we’re back to the hair on the pillow again. :( He has a pillow for his legs. SO I told him this and he sez with a big grin “Well, that ain’t the only place I’m losing it!” :D I asked knowing the answer but thought it’d be fun to ask anyway, “where else u losing it??” He sez w/o missing a beat “Well, let’s just say I’m getting a free Brazilian!!!” :rollin :rollin :rollin   Then I inform him that this Brazilian is anything but free! He’s paid a very high price for it!

For those of you who may not know, a Brazilian is when they wax EVERYTHING down south! :lol :lol For guys they call it the triple crown,…. back, crack and sack!! :eek :lol :lol :lol Didn’t think you’d hear that one here did you??? :lol :lol Heard about the triple crown from the British comedian Graham Norton. A guy did it LIVE on Graham’s tv show. :eek A train wreck indeed! I couldn’t turn away tho I was glued to the tv, infact I watched it when it came on again! AND told my parents to watch it! I mean c’mon! Seeing a hairy guy on all 4’s with his ass in the air and then getting hot wax poured on it then rrrrripped off??? That’s tv viewing at it’s best in my book people! LOL LOL

Sooooo as you can tell Andrew was full of piss and vinegar today and tonight!! Low white cell count??? REALLY??? He wasn’t showing any signs of low energy of slowing down tonight! The only thing that slowed him down, and that was around 12:30a.m. was the benedryl he anxiously waited for and he was still babbling on for a bit w/that! It was great!!! He was so funny tonight! He was singing his  demands….I mean requests ;-) and answers. It was like he was wearing a Nanabandana too tight! :lol :lol And before you ask, no, he was not on any medication, just drunk with power! :lol :lol :lol Maybe the hat was too tight! :-)

So now we play the waiting game with his numbers. I do ask if you could send his left heal some healing energy as well as his left arm. His left heal still has the big blood blister or whatever you call it from when he was sedated and intubated for those 4 days in the PICU. To me it looks bad still and now just above his heal in the arch is getting sensitive. :( His left arm still has a red mark from the blood clot he got while in the PICU. He’s been getting the lovenox, the 2 shots, $1,000 a pop, a day in the stomach for that. He has a mini port in his stomach for it. Lovenox is a blood thinner. Andrew doesn’t like the way the mark looks but they are keeping a close eye on it.

And of course our usual affirmation……

Magickal Blessings!

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  1. Nana and Poppy says:

    I am Andrew’s Nana and in my self defense of Connie stating that I vacuumed my hair….. I have just got done cutting my hair AND did not want to get hair all over the bathroom….. SO THERE..

  2. Well Connie you know… that is the way of the Sith.. we Take on an apprentice and then they knock us off..(star wars reference people) But there are plenty of other worlds to conquer If Andrew really wants this one.. I’ll work out a deal with him.. MUUUAHAHAHAHA… I’m just glad the Muck is feeling so much better! >:) Take care of yourselves.

  3. admin says:

    Does think you protest to much Nana Springsteen! No matter how you slice it…vacuuming your head is just plain weird!! AND note worthy for Jessy! :-)

    Yea, I think he’s planning on conquering this one Jeremy. Not sure he’s in a deal making mood, since he is in the fight of his life right now, he feels he can have it all!!! *insert evil laugh here* MUUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. admin says:

    It’s actually 4:41 am e. so dunno where this site gets it’s time from!

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