Muck has been making the rounds like Santa! But only those that are open get a visit, well, know they are being visited anyway, because he visits everyone.

Martin got a call from our friend and publisher Karen this morning. She had to call to tell us how Muck showed up and made her laugh. Karen was driving minding her own bees wax when a scene from Andrew’s FUNeral popped into her heard. It was a scene of the bagpipe player and how she was playing that made her and Jeremy laugh. You see, most of us at his service are not big bagpipe fans, but we did not turn anyone away who wanted to give whatever they could for Andrew’s service. We understood that everyone was grieving and wanted to do something to help. So when this person wanted to play the bagpipes at Andrew’s service, we could not tell her no, she was coming from the heart. We have a funny moment as well about all this, I have to see if I blogged about it. If not, then Andrew is giving me a reminder to put it in the book when I get it back for rewrites.

When Andrew showed Karen that bagpipe scene again, she said she was literally laughing out loud to tears and she had to call to tell Martin. SO I guess her gift for the holiday was laughter to help with any holiday stress she might be having being a single mother of 5. Yeah, no stress there!

Then Martin gets an email from our friend in England, Anna, who wrote Andrew a song the week he crossed. Well, when I say wrote him a song, I mean he actually showed up while she was in the shower and gave her the song. WOW! Pretty ballsie if you ask me! I just heard him say to me one of his fav sayings he would say to me a lot when I gave him the “one eye brow up look,” “Don’t be judging!” He still makes me laugh!

Anyway, Anna emailed Martin to tell him that today out of the blue she just started humming/singing the song Andrew gave her. Now you have to understand, Anna doesn’t just burst into song necessarily, she is a singer so she sings a lot as you do when your a singer, there is always a song going through your head and today for Anna, it was this song that she hadn’t thought about in a few years. Then she felt Andrew’s loving energy. She really enjoyed his visit.

I was glad to hear that my son was making the rounds, around the world, spreading good holiday cheer! I am looking forward to getting more calls or emails like the ones today because they are HUGE gifts to me! I see them as Christmas presents to me from my Muck. He knows what I like!


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  1. Karen T says:

    Santa Muck! He’s so good!!

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