Decided to take a break from the book until Martin and I meet and get chapters more organized so I know what to write next. So here’s a few things that have happened lately.

Wesley and I went to the movies on Tuesday to see Get Smart. He had already it seen but couldn’t wait to see it again so I took him. I knew nothing about the movie other than it was based on the 1960’s sitcom.

I nearly S**T myself when I saw almost exactly what I saw at my castle in my one recent meditation with the Earth under a dome and it did the exact thing I said it did at my castle! Different parts of the Earth popping up to see. I had never seen anything like it before until mu meditation. It really freaked me out! Talk about a sign that my meditation was real! That was it!

I got a small sign a few days before hand when Denise and I went to Colleen’s house. In her front yard she has in a bird bath a crystal looking stand with a crystal looking sphere on top of it. I thought that was cool. But the Get Smart one?? Well, that just blew me away!

I was up late a few nights ago so I was watching the X-Files because I didn’t get enough of it while stuck in an attic in Minneapolis in Feb! So as I was watching it, my mind wonders to Andrew, what a shock! Muldor and Scully are in the forest on some alien expedition and come to an opening by a lake. As they are looking around, a white wolf comes out of the forest. I took that as a “hello” from Andrew since the white wolf is one of my totem animals. Then my ego comes in trying to say “yea, it’s a coincidence.” Then I was answering my ego, “I’m thinking NO you crazy Dutch Bastard! (I usually talk to my ego with Austin Powers references) It’s usually the gray timber wolf that is in TV shows NOT white wolves.” Just as I was fighting my ego Andrew decides to shut my ego up. Next thing I see is Scully and Muldor follow the wolf into the forest only to find a whole pack of white wolves!!! To me that was Andrew raising his voice and saying “YES! I WAS SAYING HELLO! NOW I’M YELLING SO YOU CAN’T MISTAKE IT!! TAKE THAT MOMMY’S EGO” LMAO!!

So that was my latest signs from “The Muck.”


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5 Responses to TIME FOR SOME SIGNS!

  1. Swati says:

    Mannnnn!! I want to see the movie too now to see your castle :-D. What is the movie about?

  2. admin says:

    the movie doesn’t have my caste in it just the dome with earth in it like I mentioned in my meditation. it did exactly what i said the one did in my castle, parts of the earth coming up to be seen.

    The movie is about a bumbling secret agent, maxwell smart, it’s a comedy

  3. Leah Clark says:

    I LOVED that movie! Steve Carrell rocks!

    Pretty cool about the white wolves – I love Andrew’s signs… :)

  4. admin says:

    Steve Carrell does ROCK! Andrew does give the best signs! EVER!

  5. Leo says:

    Those were great signs!

    I just watched a five-tissue movie with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver: Return to Me. Phew! I was thinking how I miss David Duchovny and the X-Files. My husband and I loved that show. For our kids at that time, it was a little too dark and foreboding in presentation and some of the alien stuff was too scary. They’d probably love it now.

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