MORE DETAILS!  Grin …….Just got some more details from Martin on what the Elves looked liked.

They were about 5’10”, they had a mist around their feet. They were wearing a long black coat that was baggie & wraps around but with distinct long sleeves w/cuffs, they had rings on, black boots w/cuff over knee, skin tight material on legs that were gray, ummm sounds like tights to me! Long braided silver hair, each having a different celtic knot type braid. Martin said he didn’t know if the knots represented a title or a tribe. One had a staff w/a little light on top of it, the other had a wand. Martin didn’t see the details of the wand. They had face markings around their eyes but he couldn’t see the exact details. Martin said they were pretty, but serious….pretty serious.

Martin said they travel with their own weather. Well they must because that sure as heck ain’t Florida summer weather clothing they were wearing!  I had a hot flash just typing what they were wearing!

Martin said today that last night the Elves were picking fruit off the tree in the neighbor’s yard behind us. Hahaha If they only knew what was really going on in our yards! :-D Martin said there was a HUGE owl there as well. I said what was the owl doing? Martin’s reply? “Licking a tootsie pop.” “AND the Elves were asking the owl how many licks does it take to get the the tootsie roll.” LMAO! I’m still waiting for the real answer, so stay tuned! ;-)



After we came back from the Light The Night meeting tonight, Merlin was barking like crazy out the front window while wagging his tail. He was so adamant that something was out there, I looked, didn’t see anything. Then I got the hit that maybe it was the Elves. I asked Martin about them being in the front yard & he said they walk the whole perimeter of our yard and there is 3 of them now out there tonight. Must find out more about that one! Stay tuned! ;-)

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  1. Karen T. says:

    I knew there was something magickal over there when I saw the strange orange beetles in the front garden and when the tv went out at 11:11 that one night while I visited with Merlin. Do you wake up giddy to see what’s next? I totally would. Of course, I don’t have all the other stuff that you and your Mama Gene deal with though. Hmmm… I am sending you energy for more giddy.

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