OMG Muck is on a roll! He keeps this up, blogging all this will be a full time job! You may want to read the 7-11 post first before this one.

It appears that Wednesdays are a tough reading day for Martin. Dunno what it is about Wednesdays and why that is, but it’s usually his highest minute day of readings too. He says most of the readings are hard on Wednesday. They clients are usually in loser relationships, like a cheating boyfriend, a married man, etc, etc, etc and they don’t want to hear that he’s not gonna call or leave his wife. :-/

Tonight Martin had a reading and this person did NOT want to hear about Angels or Spirit Guides, only GOD! They believe that that is all there is, GOD! SO what does Martin see? Andrew standing there by her with a long beard and a crooked wig (like Martin’s Wizard’s Window costume) looking like God. He looks at Martin and when Muck realizes Martin recognizes him (hahahahaha) he goes shhhhhhh! I can just picture all this! I’m just glad I’m not in my car this time ROFLMAO, I got more room at home to do it! :-)

Well, Martin can’t help but mention Andrew to his clients since Andrew is very much a part of the reading. When Martin starts to tell Andrew’s story, they usually cry but they also get goosebumps then they usually have a profound experience with him later. Even this client that only wanted to hear about God and God only. They felt Andrew beside them. By the end of the reading they admitted to seeing AA Michael as a child. Then asked the question “Why does God need all these helpers like Angels and Guides?” Martin’s reply? “Because God is a man and lazy and has others do his dirty work.” Andrew gave his 2 thumbs up and all 3 of them laughed about it. My boyz ROCK!


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  1. Karen T says:

    Okay…I didn’t know Andrew, but I definitely picture him when you describe these scenarios…and they are funny as hell!!

    And Martin gets a couple of thumbs up from me too for the “God is a man” comment…LOL!!

  2. admin says:

    Oh good I was hoping to paint a pic good enough for those that weren’t fortunate enough to meet Andrew. Apparently I done a good job! :-)

    That was a gr8 comment wasnt it Karen??

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