Honestly! I just got a call like that a few minutes ago on THANKSGIVING! It was an attempt to collect a medical debt!! And Andrew has medicaid! What kind of BS is that??? BUT it was cool to hear that there was a call for Andrew!! I actually was digging it! I hung on the line but amazingly there was no agent available! Really?? You’re kidding right?? HELLLLOOOOOO IT’S THANKSGIVING!! DUH!!!!

Even though it was for a medical debt, it doesn’t matter, someone was calling for my Andrew! I got to hear a computer voice say they wanted to talk to Andrew! Ya gotta love that! :-D My Muck was just letting me know he’s here! He’s a good child! He brings no bother to the door! Well, not a lot of bother anyway. :-)


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  1. Karen says:

    Ahhh as weird as the content was, trying to collect from someone who has ascended on THANKSGIVING DAY :-0, that still was a very cool experience ;-)

    Gotta love that darlin’ boys determination to bring you a ray of sunshine to your heart Pretty Mama. Thanks for sharing this sweetheart, it so was wonderful to hear.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Marts, Elatia and Ed

  2. Swati says:

    LOL!! Don’t they up there have a GREAT way to show they are around? Your blog entry reminds me of two things…

    The first was an incident a few years back. Someone I know just LOVED LOVED LOVED John Denver. She emailed me writing about him, and how much she loved him, how she feels his presence around her always even though she never met him, and he was in “Heaven”. She said she just knew he was there. Right after I read her email, I got this phone call, and the person said, “Is John there?”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    The second is a few lines I read somewhere on the internet…something a mum had on her website about her son and DIL after they crossed over…very young…of an accident. It said:

    “The mention of my child’s name
    May bring tears to my eyes,
    But it never fails to bring music to my ears.
    If you are really my friend,
    Let me hear the beautiful music of his name
    It soothes my broken heart
    And sings to my soul.”

    Must have been so lovely to hear Andrew’s name that way…you know, like he IS around, which he is. To get phone calls in his name makes life feel like before…Andrew is around, and he is getting phone calls. I guess thats what he wanted to do, to make you know even more so that he IS around, and will never leave.


  3. Anna Taylor says:

    Oh how wonderful! So glad Andrew let you know yet again that he is always around!

    Thank you for sharing those words from that mother, Swati. They are soooooo beautiful and perfect.

    Much love to you all xxxx

  4. Leah Clark says:

    OMG… now that’s Looking On the Bright Side of Life! hahaha That boy…

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