Martin and I were up late getting a midnight snack and surfing the channels and came across the movie “Covenant.” Not one of your academy award kinda of movies, but it made us laugh altho I don’t think it was suppose to. It was the scene that was on that reminded of us of something Andrew use to do.

When Andrew was younger, he always did amazing things. He would sit in his ‘hesitation’ chair as he called it, lol, and concentrate on an energy ball of love to send out to the Planet. In the movie they were throwing energy balls but they weren’t filled with love, that’s fo sho! He felt it was very important that he did that. He did that a lot when he was about 8yrs old. I’m sure he continued to do it throughout his life.

I think I mentioned this before. He would come out of his room all frustrated wondering why he couldn’t levitate or make things levitate. He would say “Mommy I know I use to be able to do this! Why can’t I now?” I explained that he was remembering the Other Side more than likely and to keep practicing. I explained how this plane is pretty dense and it would take more practice to be able to levitate. I never told him it would be impossible, I told him that if he worked on it long enough, I believe he could do it.

He & Cory would always be making potions when they were 9. They were forever cooking something on the stove for a potion. I think I still have my special potion bottle he made specially for me packed somewhere. Then finding his spell book while unpacking was pretty cool. He always knew how to work with crystals and herbs. He is definitely my little, well big now, wizard! Can you even imagine the fun he is having now???


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  1. Leah Clark says:

    I loved Martin’s comment at the show about how when he sees Andrew now, he’s levitating. I’m also going to adopt his Energy Ball O’ Love philosophy… hey, you could do a parody of “Burnin’ Love” by Elvis and make it “Energy Ball O’ Love”! It’s not as good as “Me and My Marrow”, but it still counts. LOL!!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Leah! We may be able to write a parody for Me and My Marrow. Just don’t have a joke for it yet. May need time for that to happen. Hmmmm will have to think about the great balls of energy love, or maybe hunka hunka burning balls…..ahhh energy balls of love. It just wouldn’t have sounded right the other way. Yea, needs some work.

  3. Leah Clark says:

    OMG Connie – hunka hunka burnin’ balls…. I can hear Andrew laughing at that one!!!!

  4. Leila says:

    “Mommy I know I use to be able to do this! Why can’t I now?”
    In my youth this too was one of my biggest frustrations. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

    “hunka hunka burnin’ balls” roflao
    this is too funny!!! I can just see you in an Elvis wig. LOL
    I know you’ll have it all worked out for your shows in California!

    Connie, if I’m not posting much it’s because my house is in escrow and I am looking for a place to move to by April 21 (along with packing and all the other *fun* stuff that goes with it-that I haven’t started yet!!! LOL)
    Not to worry though-you can’t get rid of me that easily! I’ll still be checkin in. :-)

    Waves of love & hugs,


  5. Karen T. says:

    All I can think is Wow! It must’ve been amazing bringing that boy up.

    Sorry for the time away. Had the family camping trip over the weekend and then had to work extra to make up for my time off.

    Reading up now though…

    Love to all.

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