Today is the day that Andrew would always put up the Christmas tree. He absolutely loved doing it! He would put it up while I did prep work for Thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving he and I would finish decorating the tree. SO yes I was weepy yesterday too about all this. He was such a happy kid as it was, so the holidays he was even more so. Don’t even know how he was able to do that, but he did! For those who haven’t met him who may think I’m exaggerating, I kid you not! Just ask those who are here and know him! They will validate it! He is the perfect example of walking your talk! He lived every word he spoke/taught! Hmmmmm maybe I really need to hone that skill more too and then I get to ascend as well??? Yea, I know, no such luck! I gotta do my time! And right now that’s what it feels like, I’m doing my time.

Andrew’s friends are coming over to help put up the tree. That takes the sting out somewhat. We always have a good time with them. Plus I’m great friends with their mother/my hairdresser, Lori. We were friends first before the boys. We worked together at a really nice spa downtown Sarasota. Lori is the one responsible for spoiling me and having me find hairdressers all over the world so I don’t have to wash my own hair! LOL She started the Diva thing! Although I have been washing my own hair for a little while now & I whine about it too! Maybe I need to have a benefit to raise money so I don’t have to wash my own hair! Think people won’t donate?? The people that have to listen to me will! LOL

CJ and Cory like talking about Andrew too, so we have fun. I’m making some snacks and we should have a house full. Jeremy is here, Denise is coming over too.

I was standing in front of Andrew’s urn and looking at his pics this morning getting teary eyed asking him why? This wasn’t fair! I want you HERE! We all need you here dammit! The Other Side already has all kinds of amazing people! They are too greedy taking you back! I could feel him behind me saying, “It’s ok Pretty Mama! You’ll see, we’ll be working together very soon! I am still here with you. I promise!” I asked him why can’t I feel him touch my cheek. I want to feel that. I am working on feeling him more. Why can I feel you touch my forehead i.e. 3rd eye and the top of my head i.e. crown chakra, but not my cheek. I “heard” him say, but not in his voice yet, just the words, “because those are your chakras and are energy centers so it’s easier to feel through them.” Then I thought, DUH! Basic metaphysics 101 tardo! LOL

Martin and I were laying in bed the other morning talking about Andrew when the phone rang. Martin said it was Andrew calling. Yea, ok, whatever. When I get up, I check the phone and Denise had called so I called her only to find that she did not call, it was her call from the night before! No one else had turned up on the caller ID! SO I guess indeed it was Andrew.

He’s been a busy guy as we all know. I got a text from Lori saying yesterday morning that Andrew was busy at her house. She turned on her laptop computer & hooked it up the printer and out of the blue, before she could set up anything to print, the printer starts printing. But it was odd what it was printing! It was printing out my blog! She never does that! Then I got to thinking, oh yea, why not?? My blog not print worthy??! My blog not worth sharing?? :-D lmao I’m just kidding, I wasn’t thinking that ;-) But now that I mention it…….

Anyways, she thought that was very odd because the printer wasn’t set up for printing anything. Then the printer started printing her schedule for day which she hadn’t set it up yet either. She checked with her hubby, Jess and he didn’t do it. Awwww Andrew is so thoughtful! He’s a good child!
Well, I must get going and start making some food for some growing boys.


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  1. Swati says:

    ((((((((((Connie)))))))))) And you can feel his kiss on your cheek too. If I can feel my guides and angels on my cheeks, so can you. To me it feels like a vibration. On my left cheek. Just get yourself to the relaxed state to begin with and ask him to kiss you on your cheek…I am sure you will feel something! And later on you will not need to go into the meditative state to feel it. I feel it anytime my guides/angels wish to pop into my energy field. LOL! I could be busy with something else, but when I feel that peck on my left cheek, they get my attention. You will feel him on your cheek too. Ask for his help.

    I’m so glad his friends are coming over to help put up the tree!! I’m sure he is hanging around too, excited and telling you guys what ornament should hang where. I can almsot SEE it happening. You can see him too, can’t you Connie? In the third eye of course. And Martin…I am sure can just see him clearly. Ask Martin to give you a running commentary on where he is standing, what he is saying etc. That way you’ll feel his participation. And Andrew…please give your mum a BIG FAT KISS on her cheek? Make it really BIG AND FAT so that she is BOUND to feel something that strong.


  2. Willow says:

    No soft words…I wish there were words that could take away the pain. As a mom, I can imagine how you feel and you said it so elegantly, Connie. Even KNOWING he is safe on the other side and is with you in spirit doesn’t help 100%. I watched the pictures through several times and each time I had tears in my eyes. I never met him, but feel as though I knew him. I’d heard so much about Andrew and felt the love in the stories you and Martin told. The pictures – oh so wonderful ones. So filled with love not only his love of life, but yours of him.

    I am glad the ritual of the tree continues. Andrew would like that and it helps doesn’t it…brings his spirit even a little closer. You are doing a wonderful thing with this website. His spirit is here as well.

    Blessings for a peaceful holiday, Connie. May much love and peace and joy and grace surround you and yours.


  3. Anna Taylor says:

    Ahh thank you for sharing that, Connie. I did wonder if today was when Andrew would put up the tree. Sounds like he’s reminding you lots that he is still helping everyone!!!

    I hope you can enjoy the tree with everyone.

    Big hugs xxxx

  4. I’m very glad I was invited to be there yesterday. Though it took some work to get that tree stuffed up the Angels butt it was still fun and worth every minute.

    I know how much that tree meant to Andrew and I know how much it means to You and Martin because it meant so much to him.

    I think the shrine you are building for Andrew is absolutely beautiful. I will be returning the crystal I made for him to go there, it still has all the Celestial/Kabbalistic Script on it.

    I know you guys are having a rough time now but I don’t think any of us can really understand how rough, however I hope… feel.. that when you return from Ireland things will seem better..

    Anyway, for anyone interested Martin has posted the Audio of me reading the Poem I wrote.

    I Love you Guys and I look forward to working with all three of you to bring in more enlightenment into this world.


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