To when we will be starting the book! I am looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time! Martin has already started printing out the blog for me to go through. We have to go through it all and take out some things and add things to other parts.

I have to pretty much relive the past 5 months all over again to write it so it’s worth reading. I want to make it like a book and not so much like a blog. It’s going to be a lot of work! I was counting on Andrew to help and also counting on a hell of a happier ending! Hopefully this will be the first book of many of our journey with Pure Heart!

I know I could use all of your support as I start this project soon. How can you help? Remind my why I should be doing this! I’m asking Andrew to make it as easy on me as possible, emotionally and technically.

As he reminds me yet again…


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  1. Dana says:

    Of course you should do it!




    Seriously, just write from your heart and it will be perfect!


  2. Jane says:

    Connie, this is why I believe you really need to write this book. Martin, Elatia. Andrew and yourself have made it through what turned out to be a really difficult year. With Elatia’s health problems and then Andrew ascending, most people would have struggled to have stayed sane. You guys have made it through with your shared love.

    What your book will do is help others to realise that there is always a higher purpose for what happens in our lives. Even to good people who live their lives filled with love, faith, honesty and hope Your honesty will help to inspire others with the knowledge that the physical passing of someone doesn’t mean the end of the relationship.

    You will help to inspire others with your experiences with Andrew’s Ascension as being the the beginning of an amazing journey for each of you and those who love you. From my own perspective, you have helped me by sharing your journey.

    It will take a great deal of strength and courage to write this book and I believe it will show in each word you have written. Or will continue to write.

    Go for it kiddo. Explain to others how your shared love and faith got you through and continues to do so, even on the darkest of days. Know that your book is going to be amazing and help a lot of people.

    I love you heaps.

    Jane xxxxoooo

  3. Swati says:

    Why should you be doing this? Because it will give hope to people who lose their loved ones physically. They will see that there is life after life, that the ones they love are closer to them than they think, that the ones who they love are listening to them, and there IS a way to talk to them, there IS a way to not lose touch with the one who has shed her/his physical body. To show them that giving up on life is not the way after someone dies…that facing it bravely and with thoughts aligned with Truth honor the one who has crossed over. To teach that when one keeps their thoughts and feelings high, their vibrations are higher, and they are able to contact their DLO much better. I could go on with reasons…there are many :). But I think you get the general idea.


  4. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – remember in the movie Ghost where Whoopi Goldberg’s character refused to help Patrick Swayze’s character? Remember that he sang Henry VIII until she helped him? Do you REALLY want to put poor Martin through that? Then write the book! hahaha! Yes, I’m aware I’ve given you a reason NOT to write the book, because you ARE that twisted!

    So just imagine all of us on the Blog congregating at your house and making you write! NOW you’re talking!!!

    (Seriously, it’s gonna kick some tail! So git r dun!!!)

  5. admin says:

    Ok, you win, I’ll keep coming here when I get frustrated to remind me why I’m putting my self through all this!!

  6. Dana says:

    [quote]Because it will give hope to people[/quote]


    Have you ever seen the movie ‘Dogma’? There’s a great line (ok there are many ;-) ) but the one line was:

    “You people don’t celebrate your faith- you mourn it!’

    Boy oh boy! We lost my m-i-l one year ago on Christmas morn. And my in-laws are uber xtians. To quote Gimili in The Two Towers, “You’ll find more cheer in a graveyard!” Seriously, I think somewhere deep down inside they are celebrating that Tina’s passing is giving them a reason to have even more drama in their lives. What a downer!

    Tis so nice to come here. Not that you are not sad at Andrew’s passing of course – but to be able to move past that and reconnect with Andrew – that tis a gift! As Swati (and others) have stated – to write your book will give others hope!

  7. admin says:

    Note to self, rent Dogma again and write down one liners for future reference! LOL

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