I am what’s known as a Wise One in the categories of Light Workers. We are an incredibly wise bunch. We have been killed for our knowledge in past lives. I am married to an EleMENTAL. They are the fairy, elf, leprechaun energies. Andrew is a Wise One and I finally had an al-lie (dunno how to spell the word) here and was no longer out numbered! YAY! *happy dance* Then the lil bastard leaves me! Yea that’s right, I said it! I called him a lil bastard for leaving. He’ll get a smack when I get back home! LOL Elatia is a merangel, so she’s EleMENTAL. Yes, there is a reason I capitalize the MENTAL! Some people don’t like labels, I happen to LOVE these labels! I do a whole thing about Light Worker categories in my act. They amuse me.

Anyhoo, the pain of being a Wise One and being incredibly wise is…NO ONE LISTENS TO YOU!!! ARRRRGGGGG! Story of my life. Also the fact I just know things even if I can’t put them into words. Like the time Andrew was telling me what the Avatars were telling him when he was in the PICU. When he told me what they were saying, I understood the info but couldn’t explain it, I just knew and understood it was a deep knowing. Then Martin tells me the other day what Andrew was saying. Martin says, “Now not to feed your ego anymore (ok, like I have a big ego? *throws dirty look*) but Andrew says people come from many different realms to hear you speak on the Other Side.” Apparently I am always walking with scrolls too. Yet no one listens to me here! It is the pain of a Wise One, my cross to bear. *sigh* *pause for dramatic moment…..end scene*

Martin goes onto say “You get this information with this head band you wear, it taps you into Universal knowledge. There’s a crystal over your third eye.” Then Martin and Andrew decide to take the piss outta me, I guess to keep my ego in check or just because it’s too funny to pass up, it’s what we do. But Martin goes on to say how if someone steals my head band I become a total retard babbling on and making no sense. We amused ourselves with that one, imitating how I would talk. We were LOAO! Yes, including me. I love a good joke even if it is at my expense. Martin said they would send in the newbie souls to try and steal my head band as an initiation to see how fast they could dodge the fire balls I throw! LMAO Andrew was in on all this razzing of me too! Denise was there, she can tell you. We all had a good laugh at my expense!

Again, hearing this info makes it harder for me to want to stay here! To be able to go somewhere where people want to hear what I have to say? I wanna be back there with my Higher Self! But it also gives me a lot to look forward to when I do finally get to leave this trailer park of the universe! LOL


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15 Responses to THE STRIFE OF A WISE ONE

  1. Joanie Light says:

    Were you saying something?

    LOL I really was paying attention. Personally, I find you fascinating. I bet my higher self is listening to your higher self.

  2. admin says:

    LOL LOL LOL Joanie!! Very funny! :-D

  3. Karen T. says:

    I also find you and what you have to say fascinating. I don’t get anyone who doesn’t listen. Hey, maybe their higher selves are listening so intently there, that they are taking their break here…LMAO!!! Love to ya Connie!

  4. Leah Clark says:

    Hmmm… I seem to have the same problem, Connie! Especially at work! But everything points to me being an EleMENTAL! So maybe I’m a Wise One Wannabe! LMAO!!! Hey, you think we could get some of those headbands made? Swati – don’t you think one of those would go GREAT with my Mistress Leah outfit? hahahahahahahahaha………………………

  5. Swati says:

    There is no question of anyone listening to me, because for some reason everyone behaves I am invisible. Hubby, my friends, they have all seen it happening. When we are meeting someone…even the doctor, or the waiter at the restuarant, they seem to not see me at all! Even when I ask the question, they reply to the one with me. I often wonder if I look very scary, or too ugly or what! LOL!! No one wants to see me or even acknowldege I am around. Sigh! And I am not even a wise one. I am a very unwise incarnated angel :-P

    Leah, yes, the headband will be good with Mistress Leah outfit! LOLOLOLOL!! And maybe if I wear one, people might notice me.

  6. Lord Horus says:

    Hey Swati… Thats an old Angel/Jedi mind trick. We Angels used to be known as the “Watchers”… well what better way to watch someone than to be invisible.

    Now its a real trick to be truly invisible but its pretty easy to make people not notice you. The trick is learning how to turn that off when you WANT Them to see you.

    I had this problem a lot during my life too, but I learned how to turn it off and now I can be visible or not depending on my mood.

    Its really funny too when someone all of a sudden notices that they missed the six foot three hundred pound dark brooding angel in the corner…. LOL

    Anyway, likely you are comfortable not being seen subconsciously.. but if you work on being seen.. you can change it.

    Lord Horus

  7. Swati says:

    Jeremy, so good to know someone knows what on earth is going on with me! LOL! It has confused me no end. You are huge height-wise, and they don’t see you…I am huge width-wise, and no one sees me! LOLOLOL!! I think I have perfected the art of invisibility. Can you tell me how to become visible when I want to? Yep, often it feels good to just remain invsible. But sometimes I would like people to know I exist. :-D

  8. Jane says:

    Oh Swati, I so feel your pain. When I was younger, and playing hide and seek with my brothers, I could make myself invisible. They could be looking right at me and wouldn’t see me. It was great. Nowadays, it can be downright annoying and I have been known to ask LOUDLY if I am invisible. I know it can’t possibly be because I am ugly or scary. LOL.

  9. Jane says:

    Meant to add, and I know it can’t be because you are scary or ugly, because you are so not.

  10. Lord Horus says:

    When you want someone to “SEE” you. You just have to look at them, whether its a person or a crowd… and you mentally project to them.. “SEE ME”. And you can also imagine a bright light around your body.

    That usually works for me.


  11. Swati says:

    Jane! Another invisible being! LOL! Lets use Jeremy’ trick when we want to be seen. I have a feeling it might work for me too :-D. Thanks Jeremy!

  12. Jane says:

    Yes, thank you Jeremy !!

  13. Leila says:

    CCCCoooonnnnnniiiiieeee where are you????????
    You’ve been waaayyy too quite!!!!!! No need to blog a new post (that would be nice ;-) ) just *pop* in to say hello. We miss you!!! We don’t care what type of mood you may be in we love you just as you are!!!!

    Waves of love & big hugs,


  14. Swati says:

    I know…she’s been way too silent. I am getting suspicious.

  15. admin says:

    Fire up that enema Jeremy!

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