I was met by a beautiful energy in the shape of a white stag. She whispered my name, Glan Croi, many times. Many times until my energy resounded with it. It became me, as I became the name.

“What does it mean,” I asked.

“PureHeart.” The stag replied.

“PureHeart.” I whispered in return. It felt right and it felt purposeful.

“What do I do now?” I asked.

“We wait, Glan Croi, we wait.”

I waited. I felt so very clear and very beautiful. Then I remembered my mom and dad, and my sister. I became sad for a split second, and this stag enveloped me. I felt safe. It felt like home to me.

I then saw my dad, lost in a moment, but I knew he could see me. So I smiled and waved at him I remember thinking, if he only knew what awaits, he would not be so sad. I also saw my mom. I admire her strength so very much. I’m able to do what I need to do because of them. I have peace, and I will share with them until we reunite.

I was able to communicate with their higher selves when I ascended. Through their teaching I was never lost. It helped me understand where I was, when so many people don’t. You need to know who and where you are before you cross, else you get lost here.

I still travel with my parents my sister, and their higher consciousness. We are working and loving together. It is my wish that their human cells know and accept this, even the times they cannot feel it. It is so.

I spoke to my dad, and he heard me. I asked him to tell the healers to stop. It was time for me to leave, and get things ready. I am happy. He did not listen to me at first, so I taught him like he taught me. He took his own advice though, and helped me make sense of it. Now he has to help Mommy, and Elatia, but he hears me, so that won’t be a problem.

“Are you ready?” the stag said.

“Ready? What for?” I questioned.

“They want to celebrate your coming home.”

“They, who are they?”

“Follow me: Glan Croi, and you will see.”

We left the room, and I found myself at the edge of a beautiful forest. It felt more like home than anything I had ever experienced before. I couldn’t take it all in at first. Images were flashing very quickly. It seems we were moving very quickly, but naturally, at the same time. It just felt right to me.

We came to what I remembered to be a large castle, with a drawbridge. Above me was an archway of trees leading into a courtyard containing a fountain, with a large lion statue in the middle of it. There was water coming from the lion’s mouth into the base of the fountain. It’s sparkled and glowed. I drank from the fountain and remembered who I am. It was wonderful and beautifully overwhelming.

The stag was no longer with me, and as I looked back I saw it’s energy disappearing into the trees. “Welcome home,: Glan Croi.” I heard him whisper as he became one with the trees. It did not matter that he was gone, because I knew where to go from here. Straight ahead, and through the double wooden doors that were in front of me.

As I pushed them open and walked forward, I was transported into a great arena. I realized at this point, that I had not been wearing any clothes. I was naked, but I noticed that I didn’t have any of the needle marks, and other marks that my body on earth had accumulated during my stay in hospital. All of these realizations happened in a split second.

I heard cheering and whistling, and I also heard a loud thundering. I came to awareness and I see what looks like thousands of people sitting around the arena, and standing around the arena, cheering and clapping. I know who I am. I have always known who I am. I remember thinking that this was cool. The initial fear that I had when I crossed was long gone, and in its place was a feeling of “yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!”

I was met by my mom, dad, and Elatia, and they took me together with Michael, the Angel, to the center of the arena where there was a large throne-like chair. A lady wearing a green robe came up behind me, and put upon me a beautiful forest green robe. I put my arms through and it felt like I had worn this before. She tied the robe with a thick golden rope which fell to my sides very comfortably.

As I looked around the arena at the thousands of happy faces, I noticed that they were all wearing robes of various colors. They were sectioned according to their colors around the arena. Facing the throne I saw all the people wearing a similar robe to me. They were standing and cheering. My mom and my dad and my sister were seated there.

A tall man came over to me and placed a headpiece on my head. It was silver with an Emerald heart right in the center. “We welcome you home,: Glan Croi.” I sat on the chair for a little while, then went to greet everyone that I knew. I had traveled many places with all of these people many, many times. I have no regrets, and will always strive to communicate with my parents and my sister, because I realized as soon as I crossed that our work has just begun.

I will see you all very soon and you will remember. We are destined to travel for we are an unstoppable and connected team. Much love and blessings to you. Let’s go, you know you want to.

February 2008

Glan Croi

Andrew Martin Patrick Jordan, was what we call and Indigo Child. Later we were to find out that he was and is also an Avatar. He was diagnosed, at 16 years old, with stage 5 AML Leukemia on July 11, 2007, our daughter’s 26th birthday. He ascended to his Higher Purpose on the night of October 22, 2007.

The reason we decided to put Andrew’s journey home in the beginning of this book is because we didn’t want to sucker punch you at the end. We didn’t want you to fall in love with the hero, and make no mistake, you will, then only to find out that he leaves this plane in the end. I hate books like that and didn’t want to write one like it. I think it is only fair that you know this going in.

So why should you read this book knowing ultimately how it ends? Because you will laugh, you will cry, you will see joy where most are unable to find it when faced with a similar situation. You may find healing in parts of your life that need it. But mostly you will be inspired by the courage, grace and love of one young man who touched more lives in his short 16 years here than most will ever do in their entire life time!

His father, Martin, being a professional medium, we did get snippets of Andrew’s journey Home soon after he ascended, it wasn’t until February 2008, when we got this full channel by Andrew.

The amazing thing is, is what happened the morning after the channel. Andrew always sends us signs to validate the information we are getting from him. He’s good like that!

The headline story on the very next morning was that of a white stag being sited in Scotland! They say they are almost as rare as the elusive unicorn! They also said that a white stag was found murdered by hunters back in later Oct 2007. We believe it was the same white stag that came to escort Andrew Home.

Why a white stag for Andrew? Andrew was raised in an eclectic household. He was exposed to Earth based philosophies/religions such as Witch Craft, Wicca, & Shamanism. He felt an infinity for Hern a.k.a. The Green Man, Cerrnonis, and other Celtic deities.

We also introduced him to other religious Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Ganesh, Quan Yin, Buddha ect. We taught him that while religion may claim these Ascended Masters, they did not claim religion, they love and honor all.

Andrew knew how to work with herbs and crystals without us teaching him. He made potions and wands from small branches and crystals. He made up spells, did his own ceremonies and was an all around magickal kid. Hog Warts would have been the right school for him. So it made total sense to us that a beautiful white stag would show up to take him home.
You will also realize that Andrew/Glan Croi’s journey home isn’t really the end but is only the beginning!


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  1. admin says:

    I know you will all will be very familiar with all these stories because you have been reading the blog, so bear with me. I won’t be putting up the whole book, just most of the proposal part.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.

  2. Karen T. says:

    This is so awesome to read again! And I think it appropriate to start here for the exact reasons you write. Oh, I can’t wait for this book!

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Karen!

  4. Dana says:

    I’m with Karen – who cares if we are reading it again? Tis AWESOME! Loving it all so far Connie!

  5. Lord Horus says:


    I just got chills reading this again, especially with your explanation at the end. I know its been a bumpy road, but I feel this…. this is what you are meant to do… and I know within a year this book will be on Oprah’s List… This, is what will bring you Joy… to share this story.

    Lord Horus.

  6. Leila says:

    I agree with everyone too!!! It gives me chills (and tears) to reread this.

  7. Swati says:

    Oh I could read this one again and again and again and again….

    did I mention…AGAIN? :-D

    It is one of the most beautiful things I have read.

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