What was the question? I hear you ask? Here it is. What would Andrew have bought at the garage sale across the street today if he was still physically here?

Martin was sitting on the patio enjoying the great out doors in sunny FLA today when he heard Andrew say the above mentioned title. Martin said puzzled, “What?” Then Andrew told him to turn around. Martin didn’t have to ask when he looked around and saw the garage sale going on across the street. Andrew was quite the garage sale, moving or bulk pick up day affiencianato (sp?) i.e. a garage sale junkie.

In fact, this house having the garage sale today was the very first house he went to a garage sale at when we first moved here. I sent him out to meet the new neighbors as I knew he was jonsing to get over there anyway to see what treasures awaited him. Even if it was raining, he’d go to a garage sale with umbrella in hand. It wasn’t the same owners today though, they bought the house over a year ago. I think Andrew still has the things he got from that first garage sale 8yrs ago packed somewhere.

Martin knew why the red kyack, so he and Wes could go on the creek by the house, more like watching Wes on the creek,  I can’t see Andrew doing it! He was not a water kinda of guy. But then again he did say in the hospital that he was going to be more daring…more daring than running off of the roof of Wes’s grandmother’s house?? :-0

Anyway, the stationary bike was for his room so he could get some exercise in. He was always saying what he could fit in his room. He was under the impression that his room was like a Mary Poppins’ bag. Oh yes, the red kayack too he’d be finding a place for in his room. He told Martin he could hang it from his ceiling! He didn’t like getting rid of anything. He was already making plans that he would NEVER have to leave his room again once he got home. He’d have his $16,000 MAC computer, all he needed was us to get the small fridge out of storage and he was set. Oh! except he did say he was going to need a hole put in his bedroom wall to his bathroom to pass his pee through. He was collecting a bunch of plastic urinals in the hospital. He thought those were the best things EVER! He wanted to go on a long road trip just so he could use them! LOL Hell yea I set him straight on the hole in the wall idea! Mama wasn’t cleaning up his pee OR poop anymore when he got home! LOL Sometimes you just have to set the boundaries! Leukemia or no leukemia LOL LOL

Martin asked him why the tennis racket. He simply replied, “The fiery tennis balls Daddy! We burnt the last racket.” LMAO!! SO he’s still into his garage sales and some things never change…thank goodness! :-D


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  1. Karen T. says:

    OMG!! I am reading during my usual “me time” in the wee hours of the morning, needing to be quiet as to not wake the little ones and then I read about the racket and the gig was almost up!! I LOL’d a bit louder than I should’ve given my circumstances. Hee-hee! All is well because I haven’t heard “the nightly cry” yet.

  2. Denise says says:

    I can just see him with Wes working on getting the stationary bike in his room!!!! ROFLMAO

  3. admin says:

    No nightly cry or hair make overs then??? :-D *phew* Martin was LHAO when he heard why the tennis racket too. Andrew was like “Duh Daddy!”

    Not just the bike, but the red kayack as well Denise! I added in the post that Andrew told Martin he would’ve hung it from his ceiling! Yea, like I would’ve let that happen! Wesley would’ve tried to put the bike in the boat then in the creek as he launched fiery tennis balls to Andrew on land!! ROFLMAO!

    BTW Where the hell is Wesley??? Haven’t seen him in 3 weeks!! This is total crap!! Wonder how much taller he’ll be the next time I see him.

    32 more days until my playmate arrives from Belfast at least!! WOoT WoOt!!

  4. Swati says:

    I love garage sales. But no one goes with me :-(. Next time I’ll ask Andrew if he wanted to come along.

    Who is your playmate from Belfast?

  5. admin says:

    Hey Swati!!! Did you get my email?? Andrew will go with you in a heart beat!

    My cuz Chrissy from Belfast. I have a playmate for 2 weeks! Then when she goes home, I will go into a deep depression more than likely. :-(

  6. Swati says:

    No…no email. When did you send it? And where?

    No, you won’t go into a depression…you have too many shows to look forward to. Too much to do…no time to get depressed :-D.

  7. admin says:

    It bounced back then I sent you a message on facebook about the cd. There will be something special from Andrew in your package. ;-)

  8. Swati says:

    Yes, I got your email on Facebook, and I replied back that day itself. I replied to your email addy from my regular email. Something special from Andrew? Coooool! I have kept his cushion (the one with his picture) in my daughter’s room…she keeps it on her bed always. I’ve kinda appointed him guardian angel/guide for her :-).

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