A friend from the Angel board I’m on said Andrew’s been chatting with her too. People on the Angel board have been so supportive during this whole journey. Andrew knew that which is why I think he is coming to them.

So Christine Salter said she believes Andrew gave her the title “The Muck Reports” for the Q & A forum. I told Martin and he loved it! SO we will be changing the title to The Muck Reports! I love the way Andrew is spreading the “wealth” as he is giving a lot of people small pieces of info to share with us. He’s a giver!

We are getting some great questions on the Q & A!! Also if you feel guided to give an answer as well, it is welcomed. Even Muck knows it’s not all about him. He’s not the one with all the answers. Anyone can tap in & get answers. But since most people struggle with that, Muck is going to make it easy for us! It was made to be a discussion forum.

I think Andrew needed to remind us that we are planning on selling “The Muck” t-shirts. Well, I wasn’t going to anymore but he brought it up that we needed to. SO if we are going to brand “The Muck” we need to be using it everywhere! And since that is what we always called him, why not use it more! Thanks for listening Christine!

We already have Muck’s “Life is a Game…” on t-shirts & soon will be available on cafe press. I gave Megan, whose family we got to know in the hospital, the 2 hospital “Muck” t-shirts Andrew never got to wear. Denise brought them up the day before he left. :-( They are so perfect for Megan too!

SO today we should have some answers from The Muck! I can’t wait!!!! :-D I’m gonna wake up Martin!!! It feels like Christmas morning!! IT’S ALL GOOD!

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9 Responses to THE MUCK REPORTS!

  1. Leah Clark says:

    Oh, goodie! I regretted not getting one of those shirts (in purple, hint hint) when I had the chance, and one of the pins too!

  2. admin says:

    No worries Leah, we will be making more! I want one of the pins with Andrew’s pic! I gave them to my mother, sister and niece! It has on it too. Gotta git some more of them made too!

  3. Swati says:

    Where are the T-shirts? On cafe-press? Url please? :) Yes, I can’t wait to get the answers at “The Muck Reports” too! Awesome questions there…and I’m waiting for Mr. Awesome’s replies. Wooohooo!!!!

    Tell me something, why is his name Muck? Any story behind it?


  4. admin says:

    An Irish term of endearment for best mate is Mucker so when Andrew was born he was always called Mucker, The Muck, The Muck Man, & Wee Mucker.

    And yes there will be t-shirts, hats, jersey’s, cups ect on cafe press. We did get the URL but we haven’t had the time to get anything up yet. Martin is in the process of starting a new job. He hasn’t worked in 4 months. SO we are working on getting yet another new flow going. I can’t believe how use to the hospital we got. I hate hospitals! And now I’d give anything to be back at one with Andrew. This week we would’ve been back in and Andrew would be on his 3rd day of chemo before transplant. His transplant was scheduled for Nov. 16th. I still have the welcome home signs in my car for his stem cell party! *wipes tear*

    So keep reminding us Swati so we don’t get lazy about it. Plus I’ve been trying to get Martin to get cafe press up for awhile. Having you on my side to help with the nag….I mean gentle nudging should get things moving along! :-D

  5. Swati says:

    I am always there beside you, your personal nagging assistant! LOLOLOLOL!!!

  6. Denise says:

    Me twoooooo I don’t mind nudging mart . We all need more shirts

  7. jessica says:

    I have my shirt…..:) I love to wear it, Plus I have my pin! but I need to have some of the other shirts of the different sayings! Let well being flow! how awesome is that..I love to wear it even though I had to get it in an XL,I did it for my sweetie so I hope I can get the other ones in a different love ya xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. jessica says:

    Oh yeah I would like mine in pink (hint,hint)even though green is a hot color, its one of my fav. now because of my sweet angel! That would be a cool idea to have the shirts in green with the writing in red for the holidays not only for that but since those where his two fav. colors and because christmas was hes fav. holiday!

  9. admin says:

    OK, you’re killing me Jess! LOL I was going to get some shirts tomorrow so I’ll see what I can do. Denise will have to tell me if we can make the transfers in color. I’m sure we can. But ur killing me!! LOL

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