Martin and I were on our way home Monday, April 4th, from the Conscious Children conference in Phoenix that we spent a fair amount of money on. We did not make any of that money back, not even a little bit. Let’s just say that I could have had my pool fixed with this money, but as I mentioned in my last post, there is a bigger picture in every situation, and this one is no different. This past weekend really made us put that philosophy into action, it was another opportunity to walk our talk.

Martin and I got to reconnect with old friends, meet cyber friends, and new friends/colleagues. When such pure intent does not work out the way you want, you have to start looking for the blessings, the bigger picture, and the real reason you are there. Martin got what he was looking for at this conference, a music collaboration with a friend. While I loved meeting the people I did, I knew there was more. And boy was there! For me, the REAL reason for me being there was on the flight home.

While we were at the Phoenix airport waiting for our flight, I was walking back from the bathroom and I notice this young man walking and he looked right at Martin, smiled, nodded and kept walking. He walked right by me, but there was no eye contact. I did notice him earlier and I felt something from him, but I am still quite careful with making eye contact with anyone. I am still cocooning and don’t really trust anyone’s energy I don’t know, because I tend to attract the nut jobs. I mean REAL, certifiable nut jobs… it’s a gift. When I got back to Martin, he was sitting there with his eyes closed and smiling. I asked him why he had the goofy smile on his face and he said no reason, but it looked like he was taking something in and basking in the energy of it. I was thinking Andrew might have been taking him on yet another journey. That was not the case, although Andrew did have something to do with it. *wink*

This young man caught our intention again as he was talking to everyone. When I decided it was safe to peel back a bit of my cocoon to have a proper look see at him, I could see the joy this young man exuded. Martin and I started to talk about him, and he agreed that there was something familiar about him too. Then Martin and I realized what it was, he had the energy of Andrew when he was like 6yo and the politeness and gentleman behavior of Andrew at 16yo. It was so beautiful to watch. He effected our energy immensely, we wanted more of what he had. When I saw him hug his mother and kiss her cheek, it made me cry, I had to fight back the tears and I failed at it. I could feel my heart expanding, and also missing my son.

This young man loved people and chatting with them to get to know their story, just like Andrew use to do when he was younger. Our zone number gets called to board the plane. While we are in line, this young man starts asking if Martin is in a band because of his guitar, while he is still waiting for his zone number to be called. Martin told him yes. He asked what the name of the band was. Martin told him, “PureHeart.” He said he thought he heard of them. We told him that there are several bands called PureHeart. He then asks Martin if he likes country music. Martin tells him yes. He informed us that he just went to the Country Music Awards in Vegas. I asked if he met anyone famous. He named a few names that I had no idea who the heck they were, because I am not a country music fan like Martin. Martin had heard of them.

We made our way on the plane. I knew this was not our last interaction with him. This young man, who appeared he might be a teenager, but we thought he might be a bit older, boards the plane and sits where? Right in front of Martin and I! I knew it! I knew he would be close by, close enough to talk to. He sits down and what does he do? He turns around, looks at me, and just smiles the biggest grin like Andrew use to do! Again, I can feel the tears welling up. Well, as we think we are getting ready to take off, we hear the captain say we have to disembark now, maybe for 2 hours, because of heavy storms on our route to Florida. It’s a direct flight for us, so we don’t care. It beats flying through a heavy storm getting our ass kicked by turbulence, like what happened to the people on the flight to Phoenix. Plus Martin and I were looking forward to talking to this young man, Brian. Finally got his name.

We get off the plane and I’m looking to see where Brain and his mother are so I can find a seat close by without looking all stalker-like. Damn! None to be found. So I put into work what I know to be true. Find a seat, set my intent, and he will be over. IT WORKED! Brian came over. He was upset about the delay. I tell him that it’s better than taking the risk with the storm, he agreed. I put on some lip gloss because it is so dry in Phoenix. Brian then asks me if I can whistle. I thought he was asking me because of the lip gloss, but nope, he was just curious. I found that out when he informs other passengers of the storm and then asked them if they could whistle. That made them laugh. BTW, I could whistle. We remember those days with younger Andrew, when he brought a smile to everyone’s face that he talked to. Brian is just so in the moment. While waiting for the flight, he gets busy calling friends and informing passengers, whether on our flight or not, what is going on with ours.

When we get back on the plane, it was just over an hour delay if that, Brian tells us that he also likes Irish music. He was very excited to hear that not only does Martin play Irish music, but is from Ireland. He asks if we like the Irish band, “Celtic Women.” We say, “yes.” Martin asks if he likes The Coors. He does. Martin tells him that he will give him his music CD. Brian is delighted and tells us that he plays drums and does it quite well. His mother backs him up.

My air bending men worked their air bending magick with the storm energy, and it really wasn’t what you could even call turbulence that we experienced. I’ve had much more turbulent flights with no major storms in our way. Martin told me what he and Andrew did, but that is for another post, this one is long enough.

During the flight Brian did what the flight attendant suggested, put his head down and slept for a lot of the trip. He was nervous about the impending turbulence and she suggested that would be the best for him. When he was awake it was a good thing that I didn’t see what was going on, but Martin could see it. Brian was all about his mother. He was hugging her, resting his head on her shoulder, and kissing her cheek, just like Andrew did when we would fly together. Seeing that would have sent me over the edge! Tears, snotters, fetal position, while sucking my thumb time for sure! I wouldn’t have cared about any seat belt signs! On the floor I woulda been!

We land and before we disembark, we give Brian the “Only Love Is Real” CD with the link in it so he can contact us if he wants. Again, we set our intent. We get on the tram with Brian and his mother. While on there Martin tells them about Andrew to explain the CD and his picture on the cover. They offer their condolences. Martin asks her how old is Brian, and what does she say? 22! Martin and I laugh and say, “Of course he is!” We get off the tram and there is a gentleman waiting for them. We introduce our selves. Brian proceeds to tell this gentleman that he will be playing drums in Martin’s band. I looked at his mother and said, “I guess I better book a show soon then!” We all laughed. Then Brian puts his arm around me and said, “And she is my best friend now!” Jeezus what is this kid tryin to do to me?! Is he not going to be happy until I am on the floor in fetal position, lying in my own tears and snotters sucking my thumb? It makes me tear up now thinking about it.

Well, this life of Brian made a HUGE impact on Martin and I! We were “high” from our time with him. It was that kind of “high” we get from our concerts and interaction with Andrew. For me, this trip to Phoenix was worth every penny, meeting Brian had such a profound effect on me. He touched my heart and I hope he contacts us, he lives in Tampa. We would love to go to lunch with him, and hear him play the drums. Who knows, maybe he will be on the remastered “Only Love Is Real” CD. I just know I would love for him to be our lives.

A few days go by and I share my Brian story a few times and keep describing him as “Andrew at 6 & 16yo.” Anytime I thought of younger Andrew, I kept hearing “like 6 year old Muck.” After telling this story a few times I finally hear, “add up the numbers Mama.” Duh! What do they add up to? 22 of course. Just signs from our Muck to show us that he orchestrated all of this.

Thank you Muck for bringing us the blessing that is Brian. Meeting him was a true gift! Brian is without a doubt a conscious child. Some might say he is also special needs, but in our eyes, it is us, the adults, who are special needs, Brian is more conscious than anything else!


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