The Final Farewell Gift

We recently received an email from Andrew’s Occupational Therapist about an amazing last gift that he gave her and and his massage therapist his last day here. If I had of known about it, it would have been put in my book…BUT! It WILL just have to  be in the move instead! ;-) Just sayin.

For those that haven’t read my book or followed our journey, Andrew had 2 very special people at All Children’s Hospital in St Pete Fl, that he trusted besides Martin and I. He wouldn’t allow us to leave him with anyone else unless it was his Occupational Therapist, Adele, and Massage Therapist, Betsy. Andrew had an appointment with them Mon-Fri for not only their “real” job, but for the kinda work we were use to, ya know, the “woo woo” stuff. BUT they had to do it on the down low because they could get fired for the kind of work they really did. The kind of work that really made a difference. The kind of work Western Medicine doesn’t like to recognize, you know, the whole, mind, body, spirit nonsense. Adele and Betsy were uncover Light Worker healers. Our kind of healers!

One day Adele asked, “This may be a weird question, but do you have a pendulum here?” Our reply? “That’s not weird! Of course we do! We actually do have a pendulum here, because a friend sent one to us recently with her book.” I’m guessing most of, if not all of Adele and Betsy’s patients, did not have a pendulum handy other than us. I mention this because I was informed by another nurse prior to this pendulum event, that we were the most un-orthodox family that they have ever had there at All Children’s Hospital. I was honored! It would have been devastating to us to think we were just a run of the mill family. OK, devastated might be just a tad over dramatic. BUT then again, now that I think about it, how evolved would the world be if we had of been the run of the mill family? Things that make you go, Hmmmmmm!

Anyway, I just recently found out the most amazing, beautiful gift that Andrew gave Adele and Betsy his last hours here. I know on a higher level he had planned on giving them this gift before he left here. Especially after seeing his handy work since he left us. This was Andrew’s last opportunity to try and wake people up to the higher consciousness of life, the new paradigm, before he had to leave, and he picked the 2 most perfect people as the vehicle to do so! Here is Adele’s story…

“As Andrew was taken to the PICU for the last time before he was intubated, he asked Betsy and I to do Healing Touch with him because he was nervous. Betsy and I worked with him prior to the medical team trying to intubate him. The most amazing part of that is, that the entire medical team waited patiently for us to finish, and stood back out of our way, as the sacred space that it was. Remember we had to keep most of what we did hidden, but that day it was not hidden at all, as many people were in the room watching and waiting. Andrew helped open up so many possibilities that day! Even Dr. Everett waited patiently for us to finish. We then stepped out, and the team went to work on Andrew. We never got to talk to him again as he passed later that day.”

My boy made sure that he left here giving a HUGE gift of education, and shifting consciousness to those that really needed it! He was an amazing teacher while he was here and continues to be. I love the fact that he left here teaching. That is so his M.O. That is a true mark of an Avatar, a Master Teacher! I am humbled to be apart of it all!


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