I thought I would share this story from Sunday just in case Karen and Leah aren’t the only ones reading the blog, because they already heard this.

When we were at the Sunday service at the Soul Mirror, Martin had an amazing meditation with Andrew and a few monks. Andrew was in his forest green robe and head band with his emerald heart. The monks were dressed in…well, monk clothing. :-) They were outside in this huge, beautiful, sacred area inside a labyrinth. They were sitting in a circle and making labyrinths in the sand. Each making a different design. Some were in a spiral design, others more elaborate.

When Andrew and the monks were done with the labyrinths, the labyrinths rose out into the cosmos. They are out there for us to tap into in meditation to contemplate and ponder, not to necessarily understand but just to ponder and see where it takes you. Cool huh?

As I was asking Martin to refresh my memory of the details, he starts laughing. He tells me that Andrew just gave him a new word. I think in getting ready for our cuz Chrissy coming over from Belfast in 3 weeks, he’s already starting with the cornball jokes. You see, we carry on with corny jokes and improv the whole time Chrissy is here. When she was here for 6 months, it was like one long acid trip from all the laughing we did. Not that I’ve ever done acid mind you, but I heard things. ;-)

So Andrew tells Martin “Daddy, when someone is talking a load of crap and going on and on talking in circles it’s called a slabberyinth.” ROFLMAO Slabbering is an Irish term for when someone talks a load of crap and carries on and on. Usually they are drunk when said slabbering takes place. We both got a good chuckle outta that one. Our Muck, always thinking! Always ready with a joke. He’s a good child…Avatar!


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  1. Karen T. says:

    Oh, oh! Can I use that one!! I know a couple of people who are really good at it and kind of on going with it…

    I love it!! :)

  2. admin says:

    That’s why we shared it, for all the world to use! :-D Can’t wait to tell Chrissy that one.

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