The benefit last night at the Irish Rover was amazing!! I could feel the love all the way in St. Pete. Martin went and sang Andrew’s favorite John Denver songs. People we don’t even know were there to support us! The local Porshe dealer owner was there and donated a weekend rental of a Porshe!! It was incredible what people did for us!! Martin said the energy was incredible. People laughed, they cried then laughed some more. Everybody was high on the energy. One band came all the way from Key West just for this event!! Now that is love baby!! Carl, the lead singer & Andrew’s best friends’ father, loves Andrew. Leah sang her song for Andrew, Let Well Being Flow. There were things left over from the auction because of time so they are going to have another benefit!

Not only are they having another benefit. There is one planned for the 13th of Sept at The Beach Club on Siesta Key in Sarasota! (my daughter’s old haunt) AND Budweiser is sponsoring it!! And the band Strykker started it!! When Lori, my friend and hairdresser and her hubby Jess talked to the band member’s girlfriend, they wanted to help! There wasn’t enough room for them at The Rover.  YOu know, at first when all this happened, I thought I must’ve been a REAL putz, a shmuck, or even Hitler ect. in a past life to have both of my kids dealing w/life threatening illnesses in 8 months. NOW?? I feel like I must’ve done something very right to have all the love and support that we do!!!

Our t-shirts went quick! Didn’t have a lot mind you but we have people who want them! We have t-shirts with 5 different sayings we got from this healing journey so far. We are setting up a store on at some point to sell our “words to live by” so stay tuned for that!! :D Our artist friends helped us come up with a “character” for one of our sayings. We’re thinking it would be great for kids hospital gowns. Hmmmm yet another idea. This character “The Muck” Andrew’s nickname. Muck, Mucker, an Irish term of endearment for best mate, may even be a comic strip or book for kids going thru similar healing journeys. Our friend, David illustrates books too. He did my past life portrait.

I told Andrew last night after hearing about how the benefit went, obviously we are destined for great things because we have so much to pay forward! That’s what Healive will be for! And look forward to it! :D

Sending you all sooooo much love!!!:LOVE :LOVE :LOVE :LOVE
:blowkiss :blowkiss


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