The Here After

No, it’s not about that movie by Clint Eastwood that totally SUCKED ass. Ok, that’s kind of a lie because there is a mention of that god awful movie in this post, but this post is about an encounter that a friend, who is a medium as well, had with my Muck a few days ago. AND you know I like to share cause I’m such a giver. *wink* So herrrre’s Patti….

“Ok..So John Holland wrote to me and asked if I would like to do a gallery event with him..Hmmmmmm..I contemplate this..How does one do a gallery with another medium? Etc…blah..blah..blah…So I say to “the other side” ..”If anyone has an opinion as to whether this is a good or bad idea, I am open to hearing your thoughts.” (This was on a walk last Sunday in the woods) No one says a thing..Not even a squirrel lets out a chirp or whatever squirrel’s do!

So my sister, Lassie, and I go with her daughter, and my two youngest to see “Hereafter” that night.. But before we leave, your Andrew comes up in a FaceBook album on the right side of the page. My niece says, “Who’s that?” and Lassie and I proceed to tell her about sweet Andrew.

OK, so we get to the movie and it sucks, by the way..Clint Eastwood, what were you thinking man? But I am trying to stay with it hoping it will pull together. Then all of a sudden I could feel someone next to me and a hand reach in my popcorn! Honest to Goddess! IN my damn popcorn! Even freaked me out a little! So I settle with it and sort of put the popcorn in between me and an empty seat and I hear (as loud as anything) “Thanks!”…Then I hear..”Ya know, Patti..I think you SHOULD do the gig with John. It will be good for you and he’s a good guy. Don’t stress over it.” HUH?? Then just at that minute a guy comes on the screen in the movie, who goes by the name of Ricky and his appearance takes me aback a little…Just at that moment, my sister pokes her head over and says to me..”Oh my God..He looks JUST like Andrew Jordan!!!” Gulp!!!! Then I look down at my popcorn and it is FULL!!! Full to the TOP like NO ONE EVER ATE ANY OF IT!!!! I almost crapped myself…God bless your boy for all that he does! For all that he is!! He is the very BEST!!! OXOXOXO”

Seriously, how cool is that?! I talked to Patti the day of Andrew’s service & she told me that Andrew said to “wear the Purple PrettyMama”. I was choosing between a green or purple outfit, so purple it was. That boy of mine is a bizay guy! Rest in Peace my arse! No one rests in peace when they leave here.

I love getting these stories. They are so powerful! And it does a Pretty Mama’s heart good!


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