Who knew that readings could have a green room, but they do! Scene; Whoopie Goldberg in the movie “Ghost” and all these spirits waiting to talk to her. That will give you an idea what happened the other day with a few private readings Martin had. While most of the time he is doing commercial readings, he occasionally does private readings. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more private readings, but whatever.

Martin had 2 clients the other day that came to the house for readings. They drove over 90 mins to get here. For whatever reason they didn’t want a phone reading, they wanted it face to face.

The first client started with a lot of questions about doing mediumship & her transitioned loved ones. (TLO) Martin looked to Andrew and said “Where are we going with this? Who’s next?” Andrew was standing in front of a door and said “Come here Daddy.” Andrew opens the door and there’s a crap load of TLO’s in the room waiting to come through! Martin said it looked like 100’s were sitting there. Dunno if Andrew had them in there all organized because of his slight OCD or what the deal was, but they were there all organized. He had just enough OCD here for it to be REALLY useful to me. :-) I really miss having access to his OCD here!
Andrew then looked at Martin, cracked his neck like a fighter does before he goes into the ring, and said “Ok Daddy, let’s get this done!” Let the readings begin! They were able to get the ones through that needed to come through & a good time was had by all.


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  1. Deborah Johnson says:

    Hi Connie and Martin,

    I actually tried to book a private reading with Martin yesterday using the contact us page and I got a mail delivery error that the address was wrong – maybe that’s why he’s not getting more private readings, people aren’t able to get through? Cheers, Deb
    P.S. I figured it was a sign that I wasn’t meant to have a reading however I’ve had Andrew prompting me constantly to let you know since I received the failed message :))

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