As I have mentioned before, Andrew likes to keep the readings he and Martin do together interesting when they become draining on Martin. When people call about dead end relationships, it takes it’s toll on Martin. It’s boring to him when women mostly, don’t want to hear that the guy is not coming back, he’s not gonna call, and no, it’s not the right relationship for you. Martin enjoys calls with people who are open to the information from their Guides and want to learn and grow.

So right before Martin got a call he hears Andrew say, “Here’s a golden egg for you Daddy,” then the phone rings. It was a new caller that was so open and so excited to talk to Martin. She renewed 3 times! Martin really enjoyed talking with her, he got to do what he does best, teach. After the call Andrew appears to Martin in a squatting position and is straining like he’s on the toilet when a golden egg drops. Andrew then says, “See Daddy? A golden egg!” The 2 of them were laughing their asses off! And so was I when Martin shared this lil ditty with me!

Always a fun time at the Jordan household!


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