I wasn’t going to write tonight because I’m feeling…I’m feeling….well I don’t know what I’m feeling. :violin Between getting a room mate today (hence the gods hating me!) that was diagnosed in July of LAST YEAR w/leukemia :eek (must really really hate me!) why is here now???!! Doesn’t help my mom gene :hugkiss or confidence! Plus being even more cramped than we already are, Andrew has lost weight!!! I don’t get it! He’s eating!! He’s down from 51.5 to 50.0 in 2 days!! That’s a lot for him, he can’t afford to lose weight! The clock is ticking and we have to get weight on him. I’m just so frustrated and feel so incredibly helpless. :(

Then there’s the benefit for him and I am overwhelmed by all the love and support people have given us here. I don’t know how I’m going to keep it together that night. While I’m over joyed by the support, I still can’t believe why we are having to have the benefit and that this is really my life right now. I wonder if my life will ever get back to some kind of happy normal where we can do what we want. I feel like my life will always be out of my control. :violin Yup pity party tonight.

I will be speaking at the benefit, possible infront of a tv news crew. I hope so. I want to encourage people to donate blood and register for bone marrow donation and talk about giving your change at McDonald’s for the clown house. They usually have a box at the drive thru and inside. We are staying at the world’s largest clown house! I will be eternally grateful to that clown w/his crazy red hair and crazy big red shoes! Hmmmm you know what they say about clowns with big red shoes…….;)

My friend Jess put together a 3 min video of Andrew. We interviewed him when they were up last week. Andrew spoke into the camera to thank everyone. They will play it when Stryker finish their 1st set. See?? How am I suppose to keep it together???

BUT I must always have some kind of funny story to share. Martin was telling me that the kid in the next bed, Marcus, is another brainiac like Brad, the last kid we had in here was. Marcus plans on going to Princeton for an engineering degree. Brad wants to go to like MIT or Duke. Martin was thinking about this as Andrew was playing peekaboo with his sheets!:lol :lol :rollin :rollin A real Albert Einstein we have there!! :lol :lol :lol Yes, I know Andrew is very smart but we always go for the joke. And that tickled me when Martin told me that. :lol

I did ask Martin about the donors and I did get good news on that front. They have a criteria they use, a scale from 1-10 things they look for in donors. They ideally like to match 10 out of 10 but will go as low as 8. Andrew has a number of donors that match 10 out of 10!!! :hula Martin said the dr. only brought 2 of the 8 or 9 pages they found on donors. SO that is an extremely great sign!!

So here’s to a terrific Tuesday!


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