The Birth of The PureHeart Foundation

Here’s the story how the Foundation was born.

We just got back Monday night from a long weekend in Ft Lauderdale and Boca Raton working, if you can call it that. We did what makes our heart sing and feeds our soul, you can hardly call that work. Not when working with Andrew, and he was a busy guy this past weekend! A lot of people got to meet him in their own way. It was a very exciting and enlightening time over there. Every time we go over, we have a fantastic time. Who knew? We couldn’t wait to get the hell outta that area and move to the West Coast of FL! Now this is where everything is starting to fall into place for us. Again, who knew? Mind boggling really. Never would I have thought that we would find so much support in our mission on the East Coast of Florida!

Well, Andrew isn’t just taking things and putting them back, now he is sending number signs to me big time. You would think with Martin being the phenomenal medium that he is, and the fact that we gave Andrew the environment to be who he came here to be, and the fact that Andrew is an Avatar that, that would afford us some perks. Apparently not! We still have to figure things out for ourselves. Andrew won’t do the work for us. What the hell?

We were referred to another venue in Ft Lauderdale from Mary at Ocean Therapy, a venue we have done several events at, and they love us so they have no problem referring us. Mary insisted that we contact Kathryn, the owner of My Energy Place on her cell phone. We called Kathryn and she wanted us to come on by. That is when the signs really began.

As we were driving to My Energy Place, which wasn’t very far from Ocean Therapy, I see a car in front of us that has a 202 on their license plate. I knew it wasn’t just a “hello” from Andrew, I could feel it, so I start to think what the message is. Hmmm 2:02pm is when Andrew was born, so I say to him, “Ok Andrew, so is this meeting going to be the birth of something new? Give me a definite sign if I’m on the right track with this.” Then another car gets in front of us with a 202 on it’s license plate as well as I finish my sentence! Well, that’s hard to ignore, so now I have to tell Martin what I am getting.

I let Martin know that this meeting with Kathryn is apparently the birth of something new. He found that interesting. We find the building and when we get to the 2nd floor, the one office number 202 jumps out at me. I told Martin, “Ok, now he’s just yelling at me!” We chuckled at that one. If Kathryn’s office number had of been 202 I would have fainted! Hers was 205.

We go in Kathryn’s office and she says, “you’re never going to believe what happened!” I said, “try us!” Kathryn proceeds to tell us that someone was talking to her about us the night before, (felt a little famous with that one) and told her that she needed to hook up with us, then she had a dream about us last night, then we call her on her cell phone! It kinda freaked her freak. That’s how she knew she needed to meet with us ASAP. Apparently the Universe was yelling at her too!

We start chatting about Andrew and the events that we do to get his teachings out there. She wants to book several events with us. She then says the magic words, “if you were a non-profit, we could get free radio advertising and other media attention.” That is when I told her of my dream of having a non profit to help parents dealing with pediatric cancer. That’s when it got real interesting! Kathryn asks us why weren’t we a non-profit yet. I told her because we didn’t have the $700 to $800 to do it or the help. She then informs me that it’s only $70 to get a non-profit status. I believe it is then, the heavens opened up and I heard the Angels singing!

As we talked, all of us got excited about what we could do together! She has great marketing experience, great contacts and we have great shows. It’s a win/win situation! We wasted no time and applied for non-profit status the following night after the first day of the Juicy U Conference we were speaking at, with Kathryn on the phone with us talking us through it all of the way.

On Sunday at the conference, we made the announcement during our talk on how to find joy after losing a child, that we had applied for our non-profit status and why. I was blown away by the response afterward. People came to our table to let us know they wanted to work with us! It only fed our excitement.

On Monday we met with Kathryn again to tentatively set dates for events building up to the first fundraiser and PureHeart Method class. She informed us that during her meditation that morning, her Dad AND Andrew showed up holding hands letting her know that we would all be working together. We met with her for five hours discussing all kinds of ideas and stories.

So it would appear Andrew was correct, 202 was not only the birth time of his arrival here, but a definite sign of the birth arrival of something big, The PureHeart Foundation! So say tuned for more details as this unfolds!


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  1. Karen T says:

    Freaking awesome!!!

  2. admin says:

    yea, it really is! It’s so cool how he brings this stuff in! I just love that boy of mine!

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