Ok, I’m cheating again by writing so “early” for tomorrow’s entry. But I want to get it in now while I’m “feeling” it. We are going to the Shannon for real tomorrow to pick up Andrew’s ashes. Just thinking about it makes me feel faint. Still waiting to wake up from this nightmare I have been in for so long. I wish I could just wake up! But that’s not what this entry is about. This one is about Andrew’s journey since he ascended.

Andrew told Martin that the Other Side is exactly what we told him it was. That we were right! Good to know! He also said the castle I’m always kidding about having on the Other Side really does exist and he’s taking care of it till we get there. I always kid that there’s a huge party at my castle when we all cross. I’m having a mote put in as we speak so I can pull up the draw bridge so no one is conned into coming back to Earth!! Good to know it’s really there! SO remember to come by…..before I pull the bridge up that is!

When Andrew was being worked on in the PICU our friend Jeremy tried to do some remote energy healing work on Andrew. Jeremy said that the room was filled with such an amazing brilliant white Light & was told he was not allowed in! Invitation only. There were Arch Angels there and other high vibrational Beings of Light. These must be the beings Andrew told Martin about after he ascended when he said “I tried to hang on long enough to get you and Mommy the computer Daddy, but they came to get me and said it was time for me to go.” *wipes tears*

As I’ve already explained, Andrew had a very sacred welcome home ceremony fit for the King that he is! What I didn’t tell you is what happened after that. He then went on to meet his soul group. He told Martin that there is a reason, at least in his case, why he felt close to certain high profile people like John Denver and Steve Irwin. There’s a deeper connection and he found out what it was when he got to the Other Side. To greet him as part of their soul group was… drum roll please…..John Denver, Steve Irwin, John Lennon, Tesla, not the band but the quantum physics genius, and Albert Einstein! He was drawn to Albert’s work a lot this year. Andrew has been into Quantum Physics for awhile. When the movie “What The Bleep DO We Know” came out he told me that that movie is what he’s been trying to explain! It gave him a voice. He made his friends watch it and they were like, abuh??? LOL

So Andrew indeed has been singing with his bud John Denver! Foranyone who knew Andrew knows how much he just adored John Denver. I mean really loved him and everything he stood for. He would have John Denver blaring out of his room! Martin and I would laugh and say “can we honestly tell him to turn down that noise?” lol

Martin was lying in Andrew’s bed last week and he saw Andrew not only playing guitar with John Denver but also singing w/him! He has the guitar that John gave him in the vision he had in the PICU back in July. He has jam sessions with both Johns!! I know some of you may think we are delusional but I assure you we are not.

Andrew then went to say who else he met. He met Christ & he said what beautiful energy he is! He met Buddha, who he just started to study this year. He said Buddha was interesting. Buddha said to him “How about that energy on Earth huh? That’s why I haven’t been back in over 2,000 yrs!” Maybe Buddha needs to hit the comedy stage! LOL He then met Arch Angel Michael and said that he was so amazing and his eyes were stunning! So that’s all we’ve gotten on who he has met so far.

I found all this out last week when Martin and I were lying in bed having Andrew working on our heart chakras. I then asked what else Andrew had been doing. Martin said he was back into archery. He said there are white stags on the property of the castle. The stags let him shoot at them. :-0 They fall down when he hits them, he was quite good at archery here so he must be great there! Then the stags get back up again! But he said they don’t return the arrows so he keeps losing them! LOL

I asked Martin what else Muck is up to and he said that he is also working on the grid w/his soul group to help Earth. Kinda cool how that works but more info on that later. I know, I know, I keep leaving ya wanting more! It’s my job, it’s what I do!! :-)


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5 Responses to THE ASCENSION!

  1. Swati says:

    And I get to read it at night itself, so you need to write more for me tomorrow ;).

    This was an amazing write-up! THIS is what I have been waiting for. LOL!! To know of all the fun he is having up there. Can I move in with you guys so I can ask him questions too? And you and Martin know well that I can shoot questions faster than my heart can beat.

    Ooooooh and he said AAM’s eyes are stunning. I was talking to Chantal Simone the other day whining that I can’t see AAM…and that bugs me cuz I want that more than anything else. So he whined back to her that I HAVE seen him…in his energetic form. Yeah…sure I have! I see the blues and purples often. But thats not what I want to see! Thats so boring! LOL! I told her, I want to see his eyes. And now Andrew reports back his eyes are stunning. Can you put in a word from me to Andrew? Can Andrew please tell Mr. Stunning Eyes to show his Stunning Eyes to me….(with the rest of his body of course cuz I think I’d get rather spooked if I saw just the eyes)? :D

    Buddha sounded like YOU Connie! LOL!!! Thats the kind of a thing YOU’D say! hahahahaha!! And to think we all think of Buddha as this super serene, serious dude. What was Christ like? Did he talk? Where does Andrew live there? Do they live in houses or just float around like boring no-body energy beings? :-P.

    And don’t forget to ask Andrew my “flower” question that I have posted below. Yes, I posted a new question after you replied to the yellow rose question. I really need to know. :D

    I can write many more questions. But I will leave you with those for now ;).


  2. admin says:

    First, Andrew is at my castle I said I always I have over there. Martin described it to me. I will post what the inside is like soon. I was shocked to hear that one! Can’t wait now!! Waitress! Some peppermint tea please with a side of belladonna! LOL LOL

    I love gardenias and lavender roses. Lavender roses are hard to come by.

    If you have questions, now I mean questions I can use in the book Swati! Not where are my keys kinda questions! :-D Please ask away! That goes for everybody who may have questions.

  3. Swati says:

    Yes, that was going to be my next question…what is the castle like! LOL! But you already said you will write about it. And why can’t I ask about my keys? (nasal whining follows) So what if I haven’t even lost my keys?

    :D Love,

  4. Kali Robinson says:

    it sounds so wonderful is it any wonder we ‘forget’ when we are here.

  5. Sue says:

    I have no doubt that Andrew is telling you the wonderful truth.

    In my conversations with my own animals in spirit, as well as client animals (as an animal communicator), I get these interesting stories of stalking/catching/killing prey–and then the prey gets up to start the game all over again….

    When we’re both on the other side, I want to some visit your castle, Connie!

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