I’m just putting the title up now so I can remember what I’m suppose to write about. I get ideas and the next thing I know they disappear right out of my head. I am really flaky lately. SO this is the topic for tomorrow…. Surrendering

Ok, Peeps! I’m going to try and finish this quick because I still have to finish my hair. I’m taking a break to cool off. Let’s hope this helps the puppies with baited breath!!! ROFLMAO! That WOULD make Andrew a God then! LOL

I wanted to talk about this topic because it’s been coming up every time I talk about Andrew and his time in the hospital. I have NEVER seen such courage and grace dealing with such horrific conditions. How many of us could, with a smile on your face and 2 thumbs up & say “Let’s do this!,” get a needle in your spine twice a week and get chemo shot in it!

Or would be able to always say you’re awesome and give the 2 thumbs up when asked how you’re doing even tho you have so many ulcers in your mouth and throat that you can even swallow your own saliva let alone a drink or food???

I don’t know anyone who could do that! Yet not only did Andrew do that but he did so much more! Those are just a few examples of the courage and grace he showed all of us while in the hospital. He stunned the hospital staff with his positive attitude. He never wavered from his beliefs of what a positive attitude could do. He ALWAYS believed in The Secret and LOA. He continued to stay focused on what he wanted and NOT on what he didn’t want. or what he didn’t like that was going on.

Andrew showed me the true art of surrendering while going through his treatment. He never fought it, he never complained about it, he accepted it every step of the way.. He looked at it as one step closer to getting out of the hospital and home for good. Even when they wanted to re-do his spinal biopsy because they didn’t believe the results of his remission! He didn’t get mad or upset. He told Dr. Barbosa, “Let’s do this and show them the truth! We know the truth!” He went not only with a smile on his face but he had them all laughing during the procedure! Ok, the verset had something to do with it too but it was mostly Andrew! Not a lot of kids would have agreed to do it again or go willingly with a smile on their face & laughter in his heart!!!

Andrew showed me how to surrender to situations that you can’t control. When fighting serves no purpose. If you read back over the blog you will see how many procedures he had done to him. It is unbelievable! The pics of me and him on oxygen here is the day they punctured his lung to do a biopsy! They had to go through his chest and stuck a needle into his lung! He hated that oxygen machine more than the procedure! He never complained about the procedure! He just said that he could tell they had been messing with his lung! REALLY? Just messing with his lung?? He did it with amazing grace and even smiled for the pic with the 3 of us!!

That is surrendering and showing courage and grace. Now that I am going through my own devastating blow of him leaving, I want to make him proud and honor him and all that he showed me.

SO when you find yourself in a situation you have no control over, remember Andrew and surrender to the process, you will have more joy that way. As hard as being in the hospital was and all that went on, because Andrew surrendered, we had a lot of joy and fun and tender intimate moments with him. Moments some parents will never share with their teenagers. We are Blessed!

Thank you Muck for all your beautiful examples how to live life to the fullest! You are my Hero!!


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  1. Christine Salter says:

    Hi Connie,
    I’m just waiting here with baited breathe. Not fish bait mind you! :)Another proud stalker waiting to hear the wise words and wise cracks! I really love your blogs. I will tune in to your show. I bet you guys are a riot. Please take some time for you today!

    Love and hugs,
    Christine Salter

  2. Swati says:

    Yep, even I’ve been waiting with the fishy bait ;).

  3. Denise says:

    Me To as you devoted groupie

  4. admin says:

    Ok, waiting for Martin to get up to help me get the laptop back on the internet. It won’t come up and I don’t want to sit in the office typing. I have a list of topics to blog about today! :-)

    BTW My weiner dog must be waiting with baited breath as well!!!!! ROFLMAO Anyone who knows my puppy knows why that is soooo funny??? Denise?? Back me up?! That’s funny right? :-D :-D

  5. Denise says:

    so funny !!!!!!!! He truly has baited breath the fishy kind

  6. Joanie Light says:

    Feeling the love…patiently waiting…AAMichael get busy on that laptop! My cocker spaniel has baited breath as well.

  7. Denise says:

    Is Martin up yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not so patiently waiting
    impatient groupie by the way what time zone is the web site in ???? it says i left message at 8:11 and it was 2 : something by my watch

    just curious

  8. Swati says:

    It makes me feel terrible to think he had to go through all that…especially the ulcers in his mouth? How could he smile through it all? And not only am I in awe of him for going through this gracefully, I am in awe of you Connie…how did a mum see her son go through this, and yet she manages to laugh and make us all laugh with her? Sending you hugs…lots and lots of it Connie…

  9. admin says:

    Make no mistake Swati, there were times I would go to my room at the clown house and just cry to release it all. I could not believe what we were all going through! It was just so big! Illness has never been a part of our families! We were not hospital people. I mean Andrew hadn’t been to a dr in 12 yrs.! It’s still all so surreal that this has been our lives of late.

    We have been w/o our beautiful Andrew physically 3 weeks today. I still can’t believe it! It still does not seem real!

  10. Leah Clark says:

    Connie – I’m having a huge chuckle right now, remembering something that happened the first time I met the three of you. Andrew had been trying to drink a shake, he had the ulcers pretty bad at that time. He got a few swallows down, and it decided to come back up. He had his pink tub ready, and either you or Martin asked him about doing something, I can’t remember what. Andrew responded, “I’m sorry, I can’t – I’m gagging right now.” Just very nonchalant, as if he was reading or watching TV instead of hurling. It just struck me as funny, thinking about it. LOL

  11. Swati says:

    Connie…”losing” one’s child must be one of the most painful experiences ever. I can’t imagine here how waking up each morning to this new reality must be. Andrew must be shaking his head at me because I’m sitting here focusing on the “loss”, instead of helping his Pretty Mama feel better. But these are things which are so real on earth. In our hearts we know “separation”, “loss”, “death” are all an illusion. But as humans on earth, these things evoke very real and strong emotions. And on this side of the veil, we need to deal with them.

    Leah…even though I never knew Andrew somehow that kind of a reaction is what I’d expect him to make! LOL!! A non-chalant business like, “I’m sorry, I can’t – I’m gagging right now”. LOL!! Must have said it in all seriousness too. LOL!! I’m getting to know him so well…is it because of Connie’s writing, or simply the presence of his strong Spirit that introduces itself without any doubts? Or is it both?

  12. Leah Clark says:

    Swati – must be both – I feel the same way! Really, it helps that Connie is such an awesome writer, you feel like you’re there! (shovel? what shovel? it’s TRUE!!!)

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